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Maintaining a healthy relationship amongst couples requires compromise, understanding, and patience. There are many books out there that couples can read together to improve their relationship. Find out more about relationship books that couples should read below.

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5 Relationship Books to Read for A Healthy Relationship

Maintaining a romantic relationship is not easy these days. It requires both individuals to commit and play their respective roles for the relationship to succeed. Although there is generally no fail-safe method to sustaining a relationship with your other half, there are many books that can provide advice and assistance to make you understand the intricacies of being in romantic relationships. Here are a few highly recommended books that you should read to help you maintain a healthy relationship with your partner:

"The Five Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts" - Dr. Gary Chapman

In this book, Dr. Gary Chapman highlights that most of us speak five different love languages when we are in a relationship. The languages he talks about in this relationship book are Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, and lastly Physical Touch. Dr. Chapman uses these languages to explain each of our different needs and how they need to be met to maintain effective relationships.

"Deal Breakers: When to Work on a Relationship and When to Walk Away" - Dr. Bethany Marshall

Have you ever been in a relationship where you were unsure if you should call it quits or to persevere on and try to make the relationship work? Dr. Bethany Marshall uses this book to enlighten women about emotionally unhealthy men, making you ponder about the people you choose and whether a relationship can or cannot succeed. Through this book, women readers will be able to examine what their deal breakers are; what is worth fighting for and what should not be tolerated.

“Love, Sex, and Staying Warm: Creating A Vital Relationship” – Neil Rosenthal

If you are starting to feel that the spark in your relationship is starting to fizzle out and are looking for ways to reignite the passion between the both of you, then this relationship book is an amazing read that you should have. The book emphasizes on preventing couples from breaking apart over the years by learning to spot warning signs before they become too serious to handle. Moreover, the book also features multiple techniques and ideas that you can implement in real life to spice up and add freshness to your relationships. As the author, Neil Rosenthal states, the book helps couples to keep “reignite the passion, strengthen the relationship, and keep the romance alive.”

"Couple Skills: Making Your Relationship Work" by Matthew McKay and Patrick Fanning

This relationship book serves as a guide on how to make your relationship work effectively, focusing on aspects such as improving communications between both parties, coping and handling problems together, then solving conflicts that arise in healthier ways. McKay and Fanning also introduce the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), which teaches readers to understand and accept their partner's feelings and emotions without resorting to judgment.

“When the Past is Present: Healing the Emotional Wounds that Sabotage our Relationships” – David Richo

Many of us have experiences from past relationships that have traumatized us and might have been carried forward to the present. Through this book, David Richo explains how being stuck in the past can negatively affect your present and future relationships. He mentions that all of us have a natural tendency to transfer past feelings, expectations, and beliefs onto our current daily lives, be it with intimate partners, family, and or friends. This causes unnecessary pressure on our partners to live up to these expectations. By being more aware of these dysfunctional habits, we can prevent ourselves from repeating them.

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