Reading is a hobby that should be inculcated in since young. Books are a reliable source of knowledge and information for anyone to understand the world better. History books enable one to understand the significant events that occurred in the past that shaped the world we live in today. Find out more about the benefits of reading history books below.

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Five Reasons Why Everyone Should Read History Books

History books are accounts of past happenings that occurred throughout human civilization which might have direct and indirect impact on how we live today. Living in this time of rapid change and constant technological development, many individuals today might find that history is no longer significant as we prefer to envision on where we are heading towards instead of reflecting on where we came from. However, there are still important values that we can learn from the history of mankind as we look forward into the future. Find out why everyone should still read history books below.

As Highly Detailed Accounts of Past Events

History books are one of the most important sources of information that we have regarding past events and occurrences. They give a highly-detailed account on a given event or period in history: more so than any documentary can give. Many present archaeologists and researchers are able to unravel important findings and ancient wonders today thanks to the thorough descriptions that were mentioned in these history books.

To Know More About Our Origins

Have you ever wondered why Malaysia has a multi-racial population today? Through history books, you will have a better insight on why people of different races, religions, and culture settled down in Malaysia. You will also find out other interesting facts such as what methods did they use to enter the country with and how did they made a living for themselves in a foreign land so far away from their motherland. Knowing these facts not only widens your general knowledge, but it also enables you to trace back your origins.

So That We Do Not Repeat Past Mistakes

Spanish philosopher, George Santayana once said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. Throughout human history, countless mistakes were made by our forefathers and past leaders, many of which we can learn something from. Delving into history enables us to understand their failings, to learn from them, and to find ways to improve on their mistakes. Humans have a bad habit of making the same mistakes, hence history books serve as a reminder for us to not repeat similar mistakes again.

So That We Appreciate the Sacrifices of our Forefathers and Ancestors

Many lives were sacrificed throughout the countless wars and battles fought throughout human history. Many of our forefathers and ancestors probably had a part to play in those wars – expanding the glory and influence of their nation, defending their homeland from being conquered by foreign authorities, and so on. Their sacrifices are recorded in history books and by reading them, we will understand more about their valiant efforts and bravery which will allow us to appreciate the sacrifices they had made.

As Preparation for the Future

Although many might argue that what happened in the past will not be relevant today, there are many lessons that we can obtain from the past to make us more well-prepared for the future. For example, when making new policies and decisions, governments often look at a similar situation that occurred in the past to determine its feasibility in the future.

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