With a myriad of business books out there in Malaysia to choose from, finding the right one may leave you confused. To make choosing easier, here are tips to help you out.

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4 Tips for Choosing a Business Book in Malaysia

Looking for a good business book online feels a bit overwhelming due to the thousands of options out there. For this reason, some people are compelled to choose business books that offer simple yet ineffective tips on how to run a business. Others will opt for books that provide effortless steps to get rich quickly. These preferences reveal how some people missed the point of business books. To find the right business book that offers helpful ideas and quality content, here are some points to ponder to choose the best one.

Spend time to read online reviews

If you are interested in reading a certain business book, it’s best to spend some time checking its rating and reading its reviews on third party websites. However, don’t be taken in by all five-star reviews. Some less-popular authors will create fake accounts and ask a group of people to increase the star ratings. To determine whether the book has fake reviews, check if 10 or more reviews have similar wordings with perfect ratings. If you see it has such, then better drop the idea of purchasing that book. Another thing to consider is to check the ratings of the author’s other books. If all the books have impressive ratings and great, genuine reviews, then the author is an authoritative and respected guru for business ideas.

Ask for recommendations from an advisor or boss

If you are in the market for a business book and happen to be a business major at a university, then you can ask for recommendations from your professor. If you work in a business-related office, then ask your co-workers or your boss for suggestions about what are the best business books to read. If you don’t have someone to trust then you can check for great business books in online review sites.

Check books by successful entrepreneurs

Look for authors who made billions and built successful businesses like Michael Dell, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett, etc. Since they are already super rich, they don’t write books solely for taking your money. They wrote their books to inspire people and share their story of how they overcome economic upheavals while running their business. Books written by such successful entrepreneurs are sure to provide you great advice and ideas to better run your business.

Do not be fooled by "Get Rich Quick" books

Today, most bookstores and shelves are lined with “get rich quick“ books. Truthfully, most of these books are pointless since there is no shortcut for your business to prosper instantly or for you to become wealthy in 4 secret steps. The authors of these books are less-known, could-be millionaires who have built successful businesses. Rather than spending your money on such ineffective books, spend it wisely on books written by popular business tycoons or renowned authors like Dale Carnegie that provide remarkable advice and principles on business.