You might think that it is too soon to start reading to your newborn but research and studies have shown otherwise. Find out more about how beneficial it is to start reading to your babies here!


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Benefits of Buying Baby Books in Malaysia

There are many benefits you can obtain from reading; you learn about a place’s culture, it stimulates your imagination, gives you knowledge, and even gives you a sense of empathy. Which is why it is increasingly important to cultivate a reading habit in your child since young. Although this doesn’t mean that you can only buy books for your child when he or she learns to read - you can start buying books for your babies! Listed below are reasons why you should buy books for your babies even if they haven’t learnt how to read yet.

For a Closer Bond

You can have a bonding session with you baby by holding him on your lap and reading to him from a book. Although it is unlikely that he will understand what you say, your baby will listen to your voice as you read. This soothes him and in turn, will help develop feelings of intimacy between you and your child.

Prep Your Baby to Read

In this digital age, it becomes increasingly uncommon to find a child engrossed in a book. Children these days are seen spending more time on their tablet or parents’ cell phone rather than looking or colouring in books. If you start reading to him early, he will learn to pick up your rhythm or tone in your voice and begin associating them to words or pictures. This way, he is better prepared to start reading on his own and in turn, will cultivate a love of books in your child.

Boosts Brain Power

Babies who have been read to tend to have a larger vocabulary than kids who have not. A study has also shown that newborns who have been read to have more advanced mathematical skills than their peers. Furthermore, talking to your child in more than one language preps him to be able to pick up different languages quicker as he grows. Take it as giving your baby a head-start before he heads to school!

Introduces Emotions

As you read to your newborn, you will be introducing a range of emotions to your child. This is done through the different intonations of your voice as you read out loud or by mimicking different characters in the story books. As time goes on, through this method, your child is able to pick up the idea and meaning behind certain words and well as how some sounds are related to specific things. Furthermore, as you read to your baby, you will also notice how he or she responds to different words with their arms and legs.

Transitioning from Story Books

As your child grows older, you can introduce them to colouring books which are fundamental in helping your child master his motor skills as well as learning how different colours relate to different objects and things. Colouring books are also a great method of boosting their imagination and lucky for you, there is a wide range of them available at iPrice Malaysia too!