Books are not only a great source of knowledge but also entertainment. They come in many different types and genres which you can learn more about here.

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The Different Types and Genres of Books in Malaysia

Books are one of the most traditional and reliable sources of knowledge and intelligence. They are written by different authors, covering various aspects and genres. Reading books has a lot of benefits; one of which is becoming more productive with your time if you have nothing else to do. If you love to read books, you should know that there are different types, each of these has its sub-type or genre.

Two types of books

Books are generally categorized as fiction and non-fiction. Then, there are books that fall into these two main categories. For example, a fictional book that involves supernatural elements and thrilling aspects is a horror book. Although the fictional books are made up, some aspects of these books originate from real facts. They are elaborated in such a manner that a whole new story is created.

Meanwhile, non-fictional books discuss social themes, self-help tips, and much more. Biographies and travel books are the most common examples of a non-fictional book.

Book genres

As mentioned, there are many different genres or subcategories under fictional and non-fictional books. The most popular genres include history, travel, guide, poetry, horror, thriller, journals, drama, satire, prayer books, children, and much more. Among the most interesting genres are satires and anthologies.

Satires and Anthologies

Satires are books that make fun of something, far different from the humor genre. While anthologies are a collection of different works.

Children Books

There are also children books that are intended for children. They contain images, making it easy for them to read and understand. Often, these books provide lessons or values which are essential for their moral development. Some children books have little or no texts, yet they provide a lot of good stories to tell, fostering children’s thinking skills. Other kids’ books encourage participation which is important for active learning in schools.

Adult Books

If there are children books, there are also adult books, containing concepts which are not suitable for children. Generally, these books provide tips or suggestions for grown individuals regarding their life experiences.

Books for intelligence

This is a subcategory that is aimed at readers who want to enrich their wisdom and intelligence. These books can improve intelligence, regardless of age. They help enhance the overall mental capacity of readers, improving their way of life. Not only that, they are also a great source of good values. An example of a book for intelligence is serious fiction that talks about the truths expressed by many fictional books. Science books also fall into this subcategory since they enhance the knowledge and understanding of the reader of the natural world. Another example is poetry which deals with remarkable imageries that help in the development of the reader’s intelligence.

Apart from these, you can explore other genres of books that are available, and you are guaranteed that they can provide an equally great or better experience for you.