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HL D-100 Halogen Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector Leakage R134a Hvac Sensitivity
Description: Hld-100 Halogen Refrigerant Gas Leak Detector Leakage R134a Hvac Sensitivity Halogen Leak Detector UHLD-100,use a refrigerant leak detector with interchangeable sensors to detect both halogen and refrigerants such as those containing chlorine, fluorine or bromine gas. Features: 1.Detects Halogen leak, such as R134a, R12, R410a, R22 and R600a etc. 2.Monochromatic LED display with six-level leakage alarm. 3.Convenient and fast reset function. 4.high sensitivity sensor,speedy response(about 3 seconds) 5.Real-time flexibility with vari-speed adjustment . 6.Tricolor battery voltage display. 7.14-inch flexible stainless probe. 8.Quality sensor that can detect finely-leaked halogen gases. Specification: 1.Max Sensitivity: to halogenated refrigerants, 3gr/yr 2.Battery life:30 hours under normal condition 3.Working temperature :0C~-50C 4.Working Mode: Continuous and no limit 5.Reaction time :instant 6.Resetting time :2 seconds 7.Warm-up time :about 6 seconds 8.Probe length :35.5cm Applications: 1.hld-100+ halogen leak detector can also be used in: Other systems and storage/recovery containers The unit responds to all haloge-nated (with Chlorine and Fluorine included) refrigerants. This includes, but is not limited to: CFCs e.g. R12, R11, R500, R503etc. HCFCs e.g. R22, R123, R124, R502etc. HFCs e.g. R134a, R404a, R125etc 2.Detect Ethylene Oxide gas leaks in hospital sterilising equipment(it will detect the halogenated carrier gas) 3.Detect Sf-6 in high voltage circuit bre
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