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Hisense – the TV & video specialist is back to give you the best in visual appliances in Malaysia. Shop for the cheapest and best Hisense TVs today with iprice. Find out more here or browse the products below.

32-inch LED TV Lightweight form factor HDMI / USB input 1366 x 768 USB 2.0 HDMI 2 8ms Response Time LED Backlit 1 Year Warranty Televisions are no longer bulky and discolored like before, nowadays, it is bound to be slim and slender, with lifelike replications in both looks, color and detail. If you’re seeking to improve your entertainment area, the Hisense 32D50 LED TV is one of the many models Hisense has to offer. It supports HD resolution for greater depth and detail, and also support USB plug-ins. Full HD Moving into the future, mankind has surpassed the 360p, 480p mark, and they are moving towards 1080p. The Hisense 32D50 television has a default resolution of 720p, ensuring everything you’re bound to watch or play on the television to be detailed, lifelike, and richer in color than the televisions it is competing with. Now, the movies and shows, or even games you play will definitely be more immersive. Plug-in Anything Movies, shows, photos and music are so much more portable nowadays, this is because the industry is moving away from analogue and into digital forms. The Hisense 32D50 television has a USB terminal, allowing not only flash drives, but also hard drives to be plugged into the television. So have family or friends bring their own drives to plug it into the television so everybody has a good time. Connect your consoles Home entertainment should be complemented by consoles capable of uplifting your experience at home. Thanks to HDMI technology, people will now be able to connect all-rounding home theater systems, gaming consoles, Blu-ray players and much more. HDMI grants smoother transmission of both audio and visual data, making sure both image and sound is of the best quality. Read more
Product details of Hisense 49" Full HD Smart LED TV 49K3110Pw Be prepared to imagine a new era of television with the Hisense LED Series 3. Stream the latest movies, music and games on this brilliant TV display. Let yourself go wherever your imagination can take you with the Hisense Smart TV experience. KEY Features See and get to know what your TV is packing inside. Sound BY Dbx-Tv : PRO Audio This feature creates the best sound possible from the built-in high-performance speakers. dbx-tv’s technology includes Total Sonics™; a complete range of audio technologies working together for optimal audio quality; Total Volume™; an advanced audio technology that addresses TV viewers’ biggest complaint – unwanted changes in loudness; and Total Surround™; which envelops listeners in sound from behind and above using only two TV speaker. Freeviewplus FreeviewPlus is a new television service delivered via broadband providing you with seamless access to available catch-up TV across free-to-air networks with the simple press of a button. When you're watching TV you'll briefly see a prompt at the top left of your Hisense TV - pressing the 'Green' button on your remote will launch FreeviewPlus. We love it! Netflix Netflix is the world’s leading Internet subscription service for enjoying TV shows and movies. Netflix members can instantly stream their favourite TV shows and movies right from their Hisense TV. Get the latest Netflix shows and movies up to 4K Ultra HD resolution, available on select Hisense TV's! Read more
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Hisense Hisense 32" HD LED TV 32M2160
RM 625.00 RM 799.00

Hisense TV & Video in Malaysia

Looking for top quality television and video appliances without the high price tags? Thinking of upgrading your home theatre system? Want a large flat-screen LCD or LED TV? Hisense has the answers to your search. From Chinese roots, Hisense has emerged to become one of the leading brands in TV & video appliances in Malaysia. Progressing towards the technology age, Hisense has one-upped the demand for TVs with the latest in screen resolution and smart TV technology. Now you too can have the very best in Hisense TV & Video technology in Malaysia. With iprice, you’ll get the largest selection and cheapest prices available in Malaysia. Simply browse the products above or find out more with the links below.

Advanced, smart and futuristic – Hisense TV

Not too long ago, televisions were fat, heavy and could only broadcast a handful of programs and channels. Gone are the days of the CRT televisions where all TVs could do was play VCR media and air a couple of channels. Today, TVs form multipurpose tools for keeping us connected to the outside world. News, movies and series streaming, surfing the net, DVD and other media playing, gaming and a whole lot more are just part of what televisions can do. Smart TVs come in all sizes. Hisense TVs are no exception. Ranging from the smaller sized 30” to the larger 65” TVs, Hisense gives you variety to customize your home or office entertainment system. Let’s look at some of Hisense TV and video in Malaysia that you could get.

Hisense LED TVs

Want crystal clear graphics with smart features to suit your viewing preference? You’ve got it! Hisense LED TVs offer a wide selection of TVs with the clearest and most visually appealing video you can get in a TV. Depending on your budget and space in the room, the smaller Hisense TVs go for a cheaper rate than the larger ones. Hisense LED TVs all feature state-of-the-art LED technology such as:

  • HDMI input
  • USB 2 input
  • Minimum resolution of 1366 x 768
  • Simple plug and play for any media input

Some Hisense LED TVs you could consider getting are:

  • Hisense 50” 50D36 Full HD LED TV
  • Hisense 58" LED TV Full HD 58K220P
  • Hisense 40" Full HD LED TV 40D50P
  • Hisense – 55” Android Smart 3D Full HD LED TV 55K390

Hisense UHD TVs

Alternatively, you could look at Hisense UHD TVs. UHD stands for Ultra High-Definition. Hisense UHD televisions go a step further in enhancing quality and clarity of visuals along with all the toys that you love. As any smart TV should have, Hisense UHD TVs support apps like Netflix, Video on Demand, YouTube, TED and many more! Call your friends over for movie night or hook up your PlayStation or Xbox for a fun night in. Here is one Hisense UHD TVs you could consider getting:

  • Hisense 55" Android 3D SMART 4K UHD TV 55K680

Whatever your choice of Hisense TV, you can’t go wrong. So what are you waiting for? Time to get shopping. How to shop? Online of course! Shopping online offers a safe and hassle-free method of getting the products and appliances you want. Simply hop on to the iprice page and browse for your favourite Hisense TVs and other merchandise. Choose from a hand-picked selection of only the best Hisense TVs in Malaysia today! Happy shopping!