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Best Hisense Prices in Malaysia August 2018

Brands basically define the quality and price of a product. However, the rise of Chinese manufacturers has paved the way for affordable but efficient home electronic brands such as Hisense Malaysia. For budget-conscious consumers, Hisense products offer modern day home electronic upgrades for a fraction of the cost! Click here to learn tips on how to upgrade your home with their appliances. Also, check out their latest products below!

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RM 1,099.00 RM 1,399.00

Description The Hisense 43 LED TV 43M2160P is the affordable Tv for your home from Hisense. Own a piece of good quality technology in your home to transform your viewing experience altogether. With its superb combination of great technologies and modern design, Hisense 43 LED TV 43M2160P offers enriched viewing of your favourite shows and movies on television. Standing tall at 43 inches and offering a resolution of 1920 x 1080, the Hisense 43 LED TV 43M2160P offers enhanced viewing experience that will a sure treat to your eyes. The Hisense 43 LED TV 43M2160P will elevate your cinematic experience at home to a whole new level with its full HD feature giving you viewing experience that is truly pleasurable. Connect with HDMI, USB and VGA The Hisense 43 LED TV 43M2160P with HDMI and USB ports where you can simply plug your USB memory drive or HDD into one of the ports provided in the TV and you will be enjoying movies, photos or music without any hassle. The elegance of the television coupled with its brilliant and convenient functions will ease your viewing experience. The TV comes with 2 HDMI ports, 2 USB ports and 1 VGA port. Improved Colours and Sound The Hisense 43 LED TV 43M2160P uses cutting edge technology to improve the quality of any image to great effect resulting in clearer, vivid and sharper images on the television. With its Enhanced Color Imaging, treat your eyes visually with stunning images while enjoying a bowl of popcorn. Specification Product TV Brand Hisense Resolution Full HD SMR 60Hz Sound resolution 7w x2 Smart Tv No 3D No HDMI 2 USB 1 Height (cm) 56.7 Width (cm) 97.1 Reference 43M2160P Depth (cm) 9.3 Curved screen No Size screen 43

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Hisense 1.0HP Smart Air Conditioner R410 (Indoor) HAC 09DJN
RM 644.20

Hisense of Cooling Elegant and compact design Auto start, sleep mode, smart mode 24 hour timer Removable and washable panels Maximum cooling comfort Ionizer Get the perfect good night’s sleep and comfortable indoor environment with the Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner. Temperature is heating up every day and we are huffing and puffing under the effects of global warming. There is no need to forgo the comfortable environment with the Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner, as it helps to keep the temperature tolerable and comfortable. Hisense of Comfort The Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner comes with an elegant and compact design. Complementing its beautiful design, the air conditioner comes packed in punches. The air conditioner from Hisense comes with auto restart, sleep mode, smart mode as well as a 24 hour timer. The technology within works together with a remote control to allow you to set the temperature of the environment that you are in. The Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner works silently while preserving the peace that you deserve especially after a long day. Hisense of Design The Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner is a environmental-friendly refrigerant. With a much less bulky design, the Hisense HAC-09DJN 1.0HP Air Conditioner will save on space and cause less harm to the environment. The air conditioner is also easy to maintain and clean with its removable and washable panels. This machine comes with ionizer. About Hisense Hisense Company Ltd is headquartered in China. Hisense has steadily introduced a full range of electronics and appliances to fulfil the consumer market. Hisense’s range of products include televisions, refrigerators, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, beverage coolers and freezers. Hisense products are exported to over 130 countries and regions throughout the world.

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Top Hisense Price List 2018

Top 10 products Price Store
Hisense HAC-09DJN RM 645.00 Lazada
Hisense RR155D5AGN RM 373.65 Lazada
Hisense HAP-09JSN RM 850.00 Shopee
Hisense RR196D4ABM RM 524.00 Lazada
Hisense RR60D4AGN RM 261.60 11street
Hisense RR195D4AGN RM 481.00 Lazada
Hisense RT295N4CGN RM 839.00 Lazada
Hisense 50K3300UW RM 2,255.10 Lazada
Hisense RT328N4CGN RM 939.00 Lazada
Hisense HAC-12DJN RM 853.00 Lazada
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Hisense HAC-09DJN

Cheapest at Lazada RM 1,099.00 RM 645.00 Go to Shop

3 Upgrades That a Modern Home Needs with Hisense Malaysia

Who says upgrading your home and living needs to be expensive? While home appliances don’t really come cheap, it doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket either. Hisense Malaysia is a well-renowned home electronics brand that manufactures high quality but cost-effective products. Step up your lifestyle and enjoy the pleasures of a modern home with Hisense’s innovative home electronics and appliances.

Immersive home entertainment

Inexpensive but innovative televisions are one of the staple products of Hisense. Their range of groundbreaking TV screens are sought after not because of their price, but because the technology that comes with them. From plain LED TVs, to Smart TVs that could browse the web and stream videos straight from YouTube, and LED TVs that come with a built-in DVD player.

Hisense ULED TV Series 7

  • Uses 4K OLED TV Technology, Hisense’s most premium technology, that enhances color, contrast, resolution, and motion
  • Available sizes: 50”, 55”, 65”, 70”, 75”
  • Can be used to watch Netflix, the world’s leading Internet subscription service for TV shows and movies
  • High-quality audio performance which gives viewers a fully immersive audio experience

Hisense 65” K720 Curved TV

  • Sports 4K Ultra High Definition Technology that gives you quality entertainment in your home
  • Available sizes: 55”, 65”
  • Curved tv screen for an amplified viewing experience that is greatly enhanced by Ultra High Definition Technology
  • High-performance speakers that combine Dbx-tv’s technology with Total Sonics TM for the ultimate audio experience

Hisense 65” K3500 Smart TV

  • A smart television that keeps you connected to movies, music, and games on one brilliant TV screen
  • Available only in 1 size
  • Full HD 1080p for the ultimate picture quality
  • Lets you enjoy live playback by playing, pausing, and rewinding live TV (must be used with USB Media Player that is sold separately)
  • PureColour Reproduction technology that will captivate and pull you into the TV world

Never lose your cool

No matter how hot the summer could get, keep your home as cool as you are with Hisense’s air conditioning units. It’s one of their most renowned products that offer efficient cooling performance that will not hurt your budget.

Hisense HAC10DAN R410 Non-Inverter Air Conditioner

A remote-controlled air conditioning unit that comes with platinum filter, auto restart, smart mode, sleep mode features for power efficiency. Curved panel with hidden LED display indicator and outdoor compressor with bluefin technology that will lessen the wear tear of the unit's internal hardware.

Hisense HAC-09TFN 1.0HP Air Conditioner

This air conditioning unit sports an elegant and compact design. Its auto start, sleep mode, 24-hour timer, and smart mode will help you conserve power. It has removable and washable panels for easy and inexpensive maintenance.

Get your laundry wet with no sweat

Washing machines in Malaysia are a thing of the past! Get you an appliance that can wash and dry clothes with just a single go. Most washing machines today already come with spin dryer technology and are now commonly called as Combo Washers. If you’re looking for one that can do that job for you but with just a fraction of the price of leading brands, Hisense has one for you.

Hisense 7KG Fully Automatic Washer 8 water level selection

A freestanding combo washer which can perform the following washing operations: prewash, super-rinse, wash in plenty of water, wash delicate fabrics. Additionally, it allows you to control washing temperature, control the level of foam and can control weight imbalance (to keep the internal machines from breaking easily). It’s basically a combo washer that can do all the essentials for you. The best thing about it is that it’s inexpensive.

Hisense WFBJ90121S | 9kg Washing machine

A highly advanced washing system in Malaysia that features 360° smart wash technology. It performs an efficient washing that conserves power and water. 360° Smart Wash Technology automatically measures the weight of your laundry and sets the appropriate washing time. This technology can also determine and adjust water temperature and foam, to minimize soapy residue from your clothes.

Hisense is a Chinese company that started to gain recognition in the mainstream market later than most reputable brands of electronics. They’re among the most cost-efficient brands for home appliances in the market today and provides good after sales support and warranty. If you’re on the lookout for budget-friendly home appliance upgrades, Hisense is a brand that you will want to consider.

Aside from their consumer electronics, you might also want to check out Hisense’s top-of-the-line phones and tablets.