Hailing all the way from Australia, many 90s kid will resonate with the popular children series Hi-5. So do check out the Hi-5 online store in Malaysia and click here to learn about how you can throw a themed birthday party!


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How to throw a themed birthday party with Hi-5

If your kid is turning 5 this year, a Hi-5 birthday party will be the perfect theme! Nonetheless, throwing a huge birthday bash can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience particularly if it’s the parents first ever attempt. It is not necessary to hire a party planner because not only is it costly to do so but the birthday party might not turn out how you imagined. Read on to learn more about how you can throw a themed birthday party with Hi-5!

Get your child to participate

It is only natural to get your kid to be involved as much as possible since it is his or her birthday party. On the other hand, ask for their ideas so that you don’t have to waste time deciding on the items needed for the party. At a young age, children come up with the most imaginative ideas especially if they are familiar with the Hi-5 television series.

Utilise Pinterest

Pinterest is a great platform for you to gain inspiration as there are endless of ideas for you to choose from. Whether if it’s decoration items or party favours, you can find a ton of ideas! Make sure that you create a Pinterest board and “pin” your favourite ideas that you think that you can recreate.

Pick the colours

Although colours that go with the Hi-5 theme is important, it is not compulsory. You can always opt for different shades of the official colours because not only is it fun to add that element of surprise but is also takes on a different approach to a themed party. Nonetheless, it is personally up to your preferred method, you can either think outside of the box or take the traditional route. Yet again it is a good idea to make use of Pinterest to narrow down the colours that look good together. It is also advisable to gather the decoration items according to the colour scheme. This is because; putting up decorations is the most important aspect of a party. You can start by setting up the table with the necessities such as cutleries, cups, plates and other items. If you wish to match the decorations to the theme but can’t find the right colours, you may simply spray paint it. Another option is to incorporate Hi-5 merchandises such as party packs that come with cups and plates, a “Happy Birthday” banner, stickers and much more.

Select a venue

Whether you choose to throw the birthday party at home or another venue, they have their pros and cons. If you’re on a budget and wish to have it at home, cleaning up the mess after the party can be a tedious process especially just having prep the house for it. On the plus side, you can save a lot from having to rent a place as well as having to travel back and forth just to set up the party. Alternatively, you do not have to worry about cleaning up after the party if it’s held at another location.

Shop online

Certain Hi-5 merchandises can only be found online such as with iPrice. You will be surprised to find a lot of items that will be perfect for a birthday party which includes birthday printables that you may utilise for the decorations.

Create a backdrop

A great background is needed for the party table as it will anchor the rest of the decorations. Generally, it would be advisable to think this through and if possible set it up ahead of time then only plan everything else on the table around it. There are many items that can be used to create backdrops such as a canvas, fabric banners, paper pinwheels or vintage decorations. Be creative as possible with the designs.

Trade services with friends

Parties can be very tiring to plan, so it would be great to trade services with friends. For example, if you have a friend that is good at baking cakes or cookies, ask them if they are up for a trade with other services and possibly offer them a couple of suggestions too! Perhaps they have young kids and you can offer to watch over them if they are up for it. This will definitely help relieve a lot of stress up till the day of the party.

Plan activities and games

Children, in general, have a very short attention span, so it would be good to keep them from causing havoc with activities and games. Firstly, you want to introduce them to the theme. A photo booth is always a fun activity as they can be silly as possible with the props. It is also a good idea to plan a few outdoor games.

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