When it comes to backpacks, Herschel Supply Co is renowned for making the classiest backpacks that will make people fall in love with. Read more about Herschel Supply Co Malaysia below.

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Herschel Supply Co Malaysia - Supplying Timeless Pieces That Will Endure Through The Ages

''Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.''

- Robert Frost, The Road Not Taken

From the poem above, it seems that taking the less-travelled road has made the real difference despite facing the pressure of taking the one that many have been using before. Such satisfaction in making your own decision to take the less popular route is truly gratifying because you are following your desire to be yourself despite the odds. This is the statement that echoes around when one chooses to don Herschel Supply Co products. More than just fashion statement and products, Herschel backpacks have taken the world by storm because the world is simply not prepared for such arrival.

According to Herschel, it aims to create timeless products with a fine regard for detail. One might think that it is easier said than done but Herschel has achieved such feat of crafting such fine bags, backpacks, accessories, travel goods and others. Countless others have argued their cases for making authentic and timeless products but Herschel is the one that takes the cake. Combining both worlds of nostalgia and urban, Herschel represents the best blend that sets the trend for modern-day youths. In other words, Herschel Supply Co is the latest cultural phenomenon that all aspiring youths

The Awesome Heritage Of Herschel Supply Co Malaysia

Before the historic founding of Herschel Supply Co in 2009 by Cormack brothers, Jamie and Lyndon, the Cormack family has been around for at least three generations in the humble town of Herschel. During the 1900s, Peter Alexander and his wife journeyed from Wick, Scotland and decided to stay in that town. In the present day, that town boasts a population of just 30 people only. Obviously, the famous Herschel Supply Co actually adopted the name of that little-known town. While it is ironic to consider such clear contrast between the company and the town itself, the company or the brand itself has been growing exponentially from nowhere to somewhere. Subsequently, the Herschel brand has exploded everywhere as the demand far outstrips the supply. This is pretty remarkable as the Herschel brand is considered to be a young brand. Based in Vancouver, Herschel is a true success story of adapting old ideas into current realities.

Dynamic Duo

Behind every success of Herschel products are the brilliant mind of Jamie and Lyndon who are accomplished sales representatives in established brands like Vans and K2 Sports. Having spent years learning the basic steps of operating lifestyle brands, both brothers definitely possesses the skills and knowledge in propelling their newfound idea of starting a totally new lifestyle brand. However, they do something that is entirely different when it comes to building their own empire. The challenge lies in marketing Herschel as a heritage brand despite being established just a few years ago. In order to solve such a problem, the Cormack brothers have to devise something that is totally unique in grabbing the attention of the world. In order to sell their glorious backpacks, they have to be glorious in the first place.

Always on the look for the latest trends in the lifestyle brands, they raise Herschel products to be both nostalgic and modern so that they are relevant and relatable to everyone at the same time. Not only that, they are also studying the market and its audience as well as ideas that can bring them together. Through these methods, Herschel has been able to emerge as the lifestyle brand that all youths should love to be associated with.

Redefining Your Basic Backpack

Being the everyday bag that you always carry around, the basic backpack is usually seen as the practical and ubiquitous piece that people will bring to their campuses and workplaces. In fact, people usually do not pay much attention to your backpacks as they are deemed to be utilitarian. However, backpacks have been seen to be increasingly popular these days as you can find people of all ages use them. Being your favourite heritage bagmakers, Herschel is able to redefine your basic backpack by offering tons of lovely colours and designs that are described to be inspiring and creative. Regarding tons of colours and designs, they are not that ordinary either as they are unique colour choices that you will not be able to find in other brands.

While the Herschel backpacks do not feature totally avant-garde or outlandish designs, Herschel backpacks are different because they often those subtle styles that distinguish them from other backpacks. In other words, they are all designed to exhibit your personality and desire when you discover on of these Herschel backpacks to be compatible with you. Hence, it is not that big surprise that Herschel dominates the backpack market to this day because they offer backpacks that everyone can relate to.

Top Herschel Supply Co Malaysia Products That Inspire The World

Herschel Little American backpack

Despite its rather simple silhouette, this Herschel backpack is actually one of the hottest Herschel product on the market. Featuring a basic magnetic flap closure and a small pocket, this classic backpack is seen as a cool item that you should have because it is such a beautiful vintage piece. When people get Herschel Little American backpacks, the popular choices usually are burgundy damask and zebra colours.

Herschel Pop Quiz backpack

While resembles your basic schoolbag, the Herschel Pop Quiz backpack is another best-selling Herschel products. Aside from front pockets that contain key clip, internal mesh organizers and waterproof zipper closure, this Herschel backpack boasts an internal laptop sleeve and internal pocket. In short, the Herschel Pop Quiz backpack is a really practical and functional backpack that you should be getting. Among the colours that are available, the duck camo, houndstooth and tiger camo are popular choices.

Daring The Impossible With Herschel Supply Co Malaysia

It is impossible to be both popular yet distinct at the same time. However, Herschel Supply Co is able to manage such feat as it boasts tons of different designs that can cater for everyone. In addition, Herschel products are often reasonably priced despite having such high quality that you normally find in other high-end products. As Herschel also produces other great-looking products, you can take a look at the category of Herschel Supply Co clothing.