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Hermes is not only an envy of the fashion industry for their bags but also the dominance of the world of scarf. There is probably nothing as extravagantly humble as an Hermes scarf on a simple outfit. It can even be worn on its own as a garment. Click here to learn how.

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Hermes scarf in Malaysia

Dress to impress with Hermes scarves

How many of you are hopelessly in love with the elegant style of the Parisians? You will know that you are one if the name Hermes instantly ignites your inner fashionista sense at its best. You probably are enchanted to the majestic Hermes scarf fluttered in the wind more greatly than Prince Phillip fell in love with Princess Aurora from Disney’s fairy tale.

The luxuriousness of a Hermes scarf is incomparable when it comes to fashion accessories. A scarf may seem like the least expensive item that a girl can wish for but it is certainly not the same case for Hermes. Countless of ladies from all around the world can only day dream about this extravagant adornment to add on to their clothing collection. Because it spells class impeccably well without any other accessory needed.

The secret behind Hermes scarves

An Hermes scarf is more than just a scarf, it is an art. As the house of the world’s most iconic staple, Hermes produces its own silk used in the making of scarves beside cashmere and vintage scarves.

With a creative team of artists who are not only from Paris but everywhere in the world, Hermes always makes sure that every design is at top-notch quality with limited quantity. The work can take up to 2000 hours from sketching, tracing, colour identifying, printing, meshing, and even the tiniest detail is meticulously hand sewn for the flawless surface of ‘silk painting’.

With a good sense if style and maybe a bit of wilderness, there are many ways you can dress up with your favourite Hermes scarfs. Read more to discover the most popular Hermes styles.

How to wear your Hermes scarf in style?

To get you familiar with the signature Hermes scarves, here is the list of its most popular designs:

  • 90cm x 90cm silk scarf Cavalcadour Brides de gala à Pois
  • 20cm x 220cm maxi twilly scarf Harnais des Présidents
  • 86cm x 5cm twilly Epaulettes
  • Giant 140cm x 140cm editions
  • 45cm x 45cm À propos de Bottes (pocket square editions)

Depending on the size of your scarf, there are prominently 10 different ways to style an Hermes scarf as below:

Around your neck

And beyond

How to make sure your Hermes scarf is authentic?

A designer brand is always the target to be counterfeited and Hermes scarves are probably the most copied products. Here are some tips to ensure that your scarf is authentic:

  • The tag can be the first examined point as real products’ detail is only written in dual languages which are French and English and they are all made in France.
  • If you look closely, you will notice that the thread is sewn in the exact same colour as the scarf and the hem rolled toward the more vibrant side of print.
  • In terms of material quality, it is notable that only Hermes’ in house Jacquard silk is unique to the brand and the feel of it is extremely smooth with strong weave and is non-transparent.
  • The name Hermes should be always printed with its correct spelling as Hermès. In the copyright mark, you will see the word ©Hermès instead of Hermès – Paris as logo.

Now scroll back up to search for your long-desired Hermes scarf that will accompany you to cross all the style boundaries. Also, check out Hermes Bags to complete your effortless chic look.