If you enjoy all types of winter activities, Helly-Hansen Malaysia has the best products to keep you warm during harsh weathers. Read below to learn about the top 4 jackets from the brand.


4 of the Best Jackets from Helly-Hansen Malaysia

Helly-Hansen jackets are created to help people stay and feel alive. The brand has designed some of the world’s top sailing and ski apparel as well as premium work wear. Do read on to learn about the top 4 jackets from the brand.

Helly-Hansen Aegir Race Jacket

Designed and developed in cooperation with some of the world’s most recognized sailors, namely Thomas Coville who beat the world record for being the fastest man to sail the world solo and also the brands’ ambassador, the Aegir Race Jacket definitely stands up to its prestigious title as a professional grade product. Only recently, the jacket won the Good Design Award, beating thousands of other designs that were also nominated for this award from over 55 countries worldwide. The award would not be given to them if it wasn’t for the contribution from their in-house design team for the exceptional innovation being put into this jacket. The Aegir Race Jacket is part of the brand's range of Aegir Ocean Racing collection which is designed specifically for the offshore sailors who have dreams of racing around the world’s oceans in all kinds of weather condition. It also provides the wearer with complete protection, breathability, and east of movement while controlling the boat.

Helly-Hansen Odin Veor Jacket

The jacket is equipped with horizontal tubes that are designed to hold down any loose insulation in place. Moreover, the jacket also traps a lot of heat – sometimes too much, as it packs an 800 fill-power down (measurement of the “fluffiness” in a down jacket), ideal for a day out in the mountains. Therefore, in order to create an efficient vent system, the design team has come up with a unique method for the wearer to have proper circulation when the jacket is worn. Five of the jackets lower-back baffles are able to swing open like vents and you can do so without even thinking about it. It is actually based on our body movements when we feel cold or hot. When we feel cold, we pull our shoulders up and in, which tighten the fabric at the back of the jacket and at the same time closing the vents. On the other hand, when we feel warm, we tend to relax the shoulders, allowing the vents on the jacket to open. The collar on the jacket is also unique as it is made of synthetic insulation. This is because; natural downs will trap heat when it is wet, which means it would not lose insulation power when steamy air is puffed into the collar.

Helly-Hansen Ridge Shell Jacket

Although the brand is well-known for their ski jackets, this performance piece are for those who want to push the limits. Ridge Shell has a freeride-ready design which made to suit off-piste skiing that is a combination of hiking, deep powder, big drops, chutes, and jumps. The best part of the jacket is that is lightweight, breathable, and has a relaxed long and roomy fit that is preferred by most freeskiers. Another unique design of the jacket is that the pit zips and pockets fall above and below a hipbelt strap that can unobtrusively accommodate a backpack. Helly Hansen also combined detailing such as contrasting bright colours on the brim of the hood and zippers to ideally make any freeskiers more visible through heavy snowfall and bad light. The only downside to the jacket is that the thin fabrics are not suitable for cutting in-between forested areas.

Helly-Hansen Alpha 2.0 Jacket

Designed to adhere to resort skiers, the Alpha 2.0 is a great jacket option that comes with a good value. First and foremost, wearers get to feel more warmth with the moderate level of PrimaLoft Black insulation built into the body and sleeves, compared to a non-insulated hardshell. The jacket is enough to take the sting out of a chilly ride up the chairlift but would not overwhelm you while you come down the hill. Secondly, the Alpha 2.0 jacket provides freedom of movement with its 4-way stretchy shell fabric and no-nonsense athletic fit. Instead of incorporating a few stretch panels into the jacket, the brand utilises the 4-way stretch throughout the apparel. Lastly, it also has a great design which is super minimalist and can be worn for people of all ages. Alpha 2.0 is offered in a range of colours. The drawback to the jacket is probably the lack of breathability compared to a backcountry-focused shell.

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