Your body is aging from the inside out, which explains why you have wrinkles and fine-lines even at a young age. One of the causes is free radicals which are unstable molecules in our body that occur naturally. Thankfully, you can keep your skin looking younger with Heliocare in Malaysia.


Everything you need to know about Heliocare in Malaysia

Moisturizing, getting plenty of sleep, staying hydrated and using sunscreen are some of the ways to promote healthier looking skin. Another skin maintenance option you should add to your usual morning routine is Heliocare! By doing so, you can have a piece of mind throughout the day. Read on to learn more.

What is Heliocare?

Imagine if you can help protect and maintain your healthy and youthful-looking skin with just a pill. Yes, you’ve heard it right! By adding Heliocare in Malaysia as a one-a-day dietary supplement into your morning routine, you can help your skin protect itself from harmful effects and free radicals. The capsule is formulated with powerful antioxidants extracted from the Polypodium leuctomos fern which has been tested by leading American and international dermatologists. This is so that you can efficiently and effectively help your skin protect itself while maintaining its resilience and youthful appearance. For 20 years, Heliocare has been used and recommended by dermatologists and the best part is that only one capsule is needed a day!

How does Polypodium leuctomos work?

Found in the wilds of Central and South America, Polypodium leuctomos was once an aquatic plant that adapted to life on land. The fern manages to adapt itself to life on land and It created its own protection from the harsh effects of free radicals in the environment. This is the reason why the powerful plant is used in Heliocare’s products. The antioxidants in the leaf helps to protect your skin against aging effects, so that it can maintain its youthful look. It is probably the only technology that had been clinically proven to protect the skin against various damages. There are many benefits of the leaf as it quenches oxygen free radicals, slows down collagen degradation, preventing skin darkening, and repairing the function of the skin. With more than 40 published studies and extensive researching, Polypodium leuctomos is safe for consumption and do not have any side effects. One of the researchers of the amazing benefits of the fern is Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick, who is also known as the father of modern dermatology. He was the one who discovered the amazing benefits of it.

The most advance sun protection brand

What made Heliocare possible and available is IFC which is a leading Pharmaceutical company. Other than the capsules, Heliocare has a vast array of topical sun protection products. Some of the most popular products from the brand is Heliocare Oral, Heliocare Gel SPF 50, and Heliocare Compact SPF 50. All these products increase the level of protection against UV rays as they are exquisitely formulated with additional ingredients such as chemical/physical filters, photosomes, sunspheres, lutein, lycopene, and vitamins. On top of skin protection, it repairs damaged DNA and promotes positive skin health.