There is nothing better than the combination of functionality and style which you can always find in all of Head Porters bags and accessories. The Japanese brand has launched more than 20 collections of bag products suitable for everyday and special uses. To read more about the brand and the products’ many uses, click here.


Head Porter Bags that you should Check Out

Yoshida & Co. has been launching high-quality, innovative products for more than 20 years and the Japanese company is not stopping anytime soon. The versatility and durability of their products makes Head Porter one of the rising bag and accessories brands in Japan and beyond. Among their 20-plus collection, several product lines stood out due to its manufacturing quality and superior design. Among them are the Black Beauty, Tanker, U-Bahn, and Plus.

Head Porter Black Beauty

The Black Beauty series is meant for those who appreciate the simplicity yet the grandiose of this solid color. All of the products in this collection were made with all black materials, mainly nylon taffeta. Minimalist enthusiasts can find almost all kinds of bags and other accessories in the Black Beauty series like rucksacks, laptop cases, messenger bags, grooming pouches, passport cases, and even a watch strap for your smartwatches.

Head Porter Tanker

The Tanker series is divided further into two categories: standard and original. The Original and Standard Tanker collection was inspired by the MA-1 flight jacket. It features 3 insulated layers made with nylon twill, nylon taffeta, and polyester cotton; when combined, all three materials will make what is called as flight satin. The Tanker Original is available in Yoshida Kaban Black and Head Porter’s Original Navy. The bags and accessories from the Tanker collection are highly durable and lightweight, perfect for daily use.

Head Porter U-Bahn

Head Porter launched the U-Bahn series as a part of their 2017 Spring/Summer collection. The products in the series were designed to offer contemporary functionality. By using glossy, lightweight nylon twill accented with silver zippers. The U-Bahn collection provides an urban sensibility that is suitable to be worn in any circumstances. You can get items from the U-Bahn series either in black or navy.

Head Porter Plus

The brand not only offers bags and other accessories, it also produces a series of clothing items you can match with your Head Porter bags. The collection has a series of graphic tees, hoodies, button-up shirts, pants, coats, and hats for men. The line is then divided into the excursion line and the Ryo Okubo collection. The former includes products made with high-performing fabrics like water-repellent nylon and polyester. It’s suitable to be used for travel and lifestyle purposes. The latter is a series of tees with cheerful and colorful graphics targeted towards younger customers.

What You Can Do with Your Head Porter Bags

Make your travels, business meetings, or everyday errands a breeze with the Head Porter bags and accessories. If you’re an avid adventurer, it may be difficult to find a high-quality travel bag that can fit many things at once yet still be light enough for you to carry around. Yu may want to consider Head Porter backpacks if this is the case. Their backpacks can are extra durable yet extremely lightweight so you can easily explore the world without getting any backaches. The most important factor when traveling with Head Porter backpacks is that you carefully pack which items that you want to bring with you. Travel light, minimally, and only bring the things that you can’t live every day without.

For successful, busy businessmen and women, there are various Head Porter laptop bags and briefcases that you can use to that very important meeting. The recommended item for businessman and women is the Head Porter Black Beauty Laptop 3Way Brief Case which can fit A4 documents and a 13-inch laptop. It has many zipper enclosure and miscellaneous removable and adjustable shoulder straps so you can convert it into a handbag or a backpack.

Lastly, all of Head Porter products are suitable for every day uses. The brand has a variety of Head Porter wallets and pouches that can easily fit a lot of cards, coins, and bills. They are available in many colors and designs that can fulfill your style preferences. For students, and perhaps those with a tendency to carry a lot of things in their bags, you can choose Head Porter tote bags as your everyday choice. A great example is the Natal Tote Bag which is available in a large and extra-large size. The Natal Tote Bag also features a deep front pocket to fit all of your small trinkets, keys, phones, etc.

You don’t have to fly all the way to their Japanese flagship store to purchase your own Head Porter item. You can browse through our extensive collection here on the site and purchase the items from our trusted partners.