Harrods is a high-end department store for more than a century already and now with 330 departments that offer a wide range of services and products. The products comprise of branded clothing for men, women, children and accessories, shoes, beauty products, food and wine, home wares, souvenirs, gifts and much more. Up until now, Harrods products still widely known and trusted. Just browse through the products by Harrods Malaysia or click here to find out more.

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Harrods Malaysia: Getting You Into the Luxury of Shopping with Ease

Harrods: History Behind the Success

The founder of Harrods is Charles Henry at age 25, when he first established his business in 1824, which located south of the River Thames in Southwark. He ran his first business until 1831 that was known to sell cloth, dry goods and textile fabrics. During his first business in 1825, it was listed as 'Harrod and Wicking, Linen Drapers, Retail' but this partnership was dismissed at the end of that year. Later in the year 1832, his first grocery business that known as ‘Harrod & Co.Grocers’ was located at 163 Upper Whitecross Street, Clerkenwell.

In 1834, he established a wholesale grocery in London’s East End with a specialization in tea. Harrod then took over a small shop in 1851 in the district of Brompton. Harrod's son Charles Digby Harrod created the business into a booming retail operation selling stationery, medicines, fruits, vegetables and perfumes. In 16 November 1898, Harrods announced England’s first “moving staircase” which now known as escalator, in Harrods’ Brompton Roads stores. The year of 1985 is the year when the Fayed Brothers then invested the department store.

Harrods: Luxury and Quality Goods

Harrods is with a motto ofOmnia Omnibus Ubique, inLatinwhich means; 'All Things for All People, Everywhere'.

This shop with 330 departments has a representative sample of shop services includes 32 restaurants, which are; “By Appointment” a personal shopping-assistance programme, a tailor, a beauty spa and salon, a watch repair service, a dispensing pharmacy, Harrords Financial Services, a barbers shop, Ella Jade Bathroom Planning and Design Service, Harrods Bank, food delivery, private events planning and catering, bespoke picnic hampers and gift boxes, a wine steward, bespoke fragrance formulations, bespoke arcades machines and bespoke cakes.

Harrods Bank has started selling coins and gold bars with storage services in 15 October 2009.

Harrods Malaysia: High-End Fashion

Harrods Bags

You can find fancy designed bags by Harrods Malaysia here in iPrice. Harrods bags have good quality materials and most of them are made of PVC. For Harrods Malaysia, the famous type of bag in the market is mostly the tote bags with luxurious and unique designs. The interesting part about Harrods bags, you can wear them as handbags and also as shopping bags, which means you can style them with your own desire. What if it is rain? Well, not to worry, ladies. Most of the bags are waterproof!

Harrods bags are very unique in the sense of the printed designs and patterns on the bags. A few bags have the same cute puppy photo on them, yet the designers made them presentable and suitable for any occasions. The bags are also come with many colours, either the bag has only one colour or the bag is colourful. Apart from that, you can find all sorts of patterns, like cute and colourful cars, desserts, buildings’ silhouette, butterflies and many more. If you are looking for a stylish shopping bag and you are opting to go for shopping with style, well then, you might want to shop for Harrods Malaysia bags!

Harrods Pants

Harrods clothing is all about high-end fashion. From food to fashion, beauty must-haves to luxurious gifts. Discover Harrods Malaysia chic array of pants at iPrice. Harrods Malaysia offers you casual pants that come with different styles and cuts. Harrods pants come with many colours, white, grey, blue, green and beige colours. The pants are mosly sleek looking and with high quality material!

Most of the pants can be worn for both casual and formal occasions due to its high-end looking design. If you are up for comfort, stylish, long-lasting material and to keep up with the current fashion trend, Harrods pants are just for you!

Harrods: Do you know about the sale in 2010?

Harrods was sold toQatar Holdings, thesovereign wealth fundof the State ofQatarin 2010 for £1.5 billion and half of the sale will be used to pay bank debts of £625 million.

The sale was finalized in 8 May 2010, whenQatari Prime MinisterHamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thanicame to London to wrap up the deal with his belief that the asset of Harrods would add "much value" to the investment portfolio of Qatar Holdings while his deputy, Hussain Ali Al-Abdulla, called it a "landmark transaction".A spokesman for Mohamed Al-Fayed, whom a chairman of Harrods since 1985, said, "in reaching the decision to retire, he wished to ensure that the legacy and traditions that he has built up in Harrods would be continued."