Dubbed as one of the best non-stick pan maker, Happycall is the new emerging brand from Korea that will transform how modern cooking should be. Happycall, the technology company that’s revolutionizing cooking, browse below and click here to learn more.


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Korea Happycall is an international brand known for its quality and innovation across the globe. The brand name of Happycall is the company’s honest expression to satisfy customers’ needs by providing them with handy and desirable products all the time to make them happy. Only when customers are happy with a brand’s offering that a brand achieves success!

Happycall Malaysia: Happycall’s brand story

A brand originating from South Korea, Happycall is happy that it is being recognised by its users for its high quality products and has emerged as one of the nation’s most trusted kitchenware brand. Happycall acquired the ISO 9001 certification in 1999 and has launched its products to foreign countries like Iran, China and the US. To achieve the high standards of foreign export licence with the Made in Korea national stamp, Happycall has definitely achieve some great heights in technology development and brand safety regulations.

Happycall launched its HIT item, the Happycall double-sided pan that was first of its kind in the market back then. A revolutionary product that makes cooking with a pan, a more diverse activity. Be it for stir-fry, grill, scald, reheat or deep fry, Happycall double-sided pan is able to assist you and make it possible so you can cook whatever you want.

In 2003, Happycall launched its Diamond Frying Pan and also successfully obtain the ISO 14001. The company too ventured into TV broadcast selling for its products that brought success and enable the built-up of two factories and a new headquarters. Happycall obtain success with its venture into the Chinese market and set up Happycall China Ltd. In Korea, the brand also launched its exclusive display stand under South Korea’s largest retailer E-Mart, further expanding its local market influence.

Happycall’s unique technology in making world class kitchenware

In order for Happycall to deliver the best quality kitchen appliances with upmost sincerity, so that cooking for the precious family can be a happy and pleasant experience, Happycall is constantly ensuring that the company is at the forefront of the world by excelling in technology and research. With over 300 patents in hand, Happycall applies its owned intellectual property applications on its product creations to ensure its customers get the real high quality and safe kitchenware. Happycall products are now present in 22 nations across the world.

As kitchenware creation requires the expertise with various components, raw materials, chemicals and engineering knowledge, Happycall have affiliated companies like Hyundai Home Appliance, TR ChemTech and Clembon to make world-class quality products that will last longer and make cooking a whole lot easier. Happycall practices honest management that strictly complies with the principle and production process that no product will be sent out for sale before the product has gone through all test and quality checks as well as fulfil the quality through continuous R&D by the internal R&D centre so that Happycall is happy and confident in its product.

Happycall company technicians go through a hundred times of cooking tests with dozens of ingredients in order to produce customer satisfying products. Additional functions upgrade of the products is also carried out to address consumer’s opinions to further improve its product be it material wise, packaging wise, delivery wise or product offering wise. Happycall has since received the certification of CCM (Consumer Centred Management) from the Korea Trade Fair Commission for the brand’s participation in the activity of exemplary consumer centred management internally and externally. Happycall managed to increase its customers’ satisfaction over current sales products, through the hard work of its Consumer Service Teams in taking care of peoples’ complaints for main selling items, as well as for different T.V Homeshopping channels.

Happycall wants to make its mark as the brand of high quality, making home chefs around the globe happy with its Creativity, Pride and Quality philosophy!

Look at how Happycall Double Pan can do wonders in your kitchen in the video below.

Most popular items of Happycall

A brand that has a refined global sense and elegance of premium brand, Happycall offers a variety of kitchenware range that are created to help home makers create magic in the home kitchen. Here are a few of Happycall brand best-known items that will add value to any kitchen.

Happycall Double Sided Frypan
Now you can worry less about smells and smoke with this revolutionary double sided pan, as you can cook using both sides. With a special silicon pressure packing made by Dow Corning from the US, the seal holds in heat and pressure to ensure users get efficient cooking (over low heat preventing instant nutrition lost). With a solid grill, home makers can now even roast on a pan (no oven needed!).
Diamond Frying Pan
A pan series made with 5-Layer diamond non-stick coating can be used to make the best non-stick pan cookware. Diamond, a great heat conductor that can handle heat 5 times better than copper is layered and forged with aluminium so that heat is evenly distributed and ensure that the coating lasts longer. The exterior is also coated with porcelain, making cleaning a breeze. Lightweight, strong and durable, the Diamond Frying Pan is one collection that will provide endless convenience.
Alumite Ceramic Pot
Highly scratch-resistant because of the special Alumite processing that is applied to the inside and outside of the pots. This mean even after years of usage, high chances is that not a single scratch mark will be on the pots! Quick to heat up to required temperature for cooking, the pot’s heat is also well spread out across the pot surface ensuring a more event heating of food. This series also has a tempered glass lid with self-standing feature that leaves small countertops with extra space to work with.

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