Whether it's for an outdoor party or just simply as furniture for your space, plastic chairs are a great, budget-friendly option. They come in a variety of designs and the material makes them easy to clean and maintain.

What are plastic chairs made of? | How to tell plastic chair quality? | What is the cost of a plastic chair?


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Plastic Chair - Advantages, Functions, and FAQ

Advantages and Functions

The quality of plastic chairs is constantly being improved so they’re no longer seen as cheap or only used for the occasional gatherings. Many people in Malaysia have been using the furniture in their homes for a long time.

Plastic chairs have many advantages and functions that make them a great choice of furniture. The furniture is typically stackable which means you can save space when storing them away. The chairs are also lightweight and easy to clean and maintain.

Plastic chairs are also multifunctional because of the material and the variety of designs. The material allows the furniture to be used as both indoor and outdoor furniture. The improved sturdiness allows it to be used as a stepping stool. Some people in Malaysia also use plastic chairs with a stool design as small side tables.

In Malaysia, plastic chairs are often associated with hawker stalls because of how it looks but the designs for the furniture are getting better and they now resemble a modern and high-end chair that won’t look out of place in your home.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Chairs

What are plastic chairs made of?

Plastic chairs are made of polypropylene which is very strong and able to withstand forces that are applied onto them without bending, breaking, or deforming. The material is also lightweight so it’s easy to carry and move around.

How can you tell the quality of a plastic chair?

The best way to tell the quality of a plastic chair is to check the material used to manufacture the furniture. It should be good enough to provide comfort and it must be able to remain strong for a long time.

What is the cost of a plastic chair?

The cost of a plastic chair in Malaysia can vary, depending on the design and the brand. Browse through iPrice’s list of plastic chairs for sale in Malaysia to get the best price and deals for the furniture.