Since the hallway is usually the first thing you see before entering it, it makes sense to decorate with a good hallway entry stand. Achieve a welcoming hallway with some of the finest hallway entry stands in the market. Read more about hallway entry stand in Malaysia here below to find out.


Tips to Get the Ideal Hallway Entry Stand for Your Home

Since the hallway is one of the most neglected spaces in our homes, you should decorate it so that it looks more inviting to your guests. A simple hallwaystanddesign can make a huge differencewhen it comes to decoratingyour beloved foyer.Hereare some of the tips to get the ideal hallway entrystandfor your home. It is all about getting the smartest idea to greet your guests in style.

Mix & Match

If you are a fan of mix and match, you know that it can be either simplest or hardest thing to do, especially when trying to figure out how to arrangeoneat your hallway. However, you do not need to worry because there is always a simple trick in the art of mixes and matches. Start by determining your specific theme or preference. From there, you will be able to assemble a great list of gorgeous pieces you can arrange at your hallway.

When you have a certain hallway stand idea at your mind, it makes it easier for you to choose one. After that, you can do a little bit of experiment to arrangeotherpieces such as chairs, shoe racks, accent tables and others together with your stand. Once you have a go at mixing and matching, selecting a suitable piece will come naturally. As a reminder, you should not forget the essential element of layering. It makes your setup to look put togetherwhen you do it right.Youwill enjoy the entire setup when everything just matches well with each other.


The good old rustic theme has been one of the most popular themes you can do for your hallway.As with any decorating theme, the accessories you choose play a large role in creating the atmosphere you desire in a room. A common theme with a rustic décor is an atmosphere of coziness with a hint of nostalgia. From rustic vases to vintage bowls, there are lots of amazing pieces that work well to deliver the inescapable rural atmosphere.

If you love wood, you should not be afraid of using a blend of different woods and wood finishes. You must pay attention to the wood's undertones. Remember, blending only works if you are sticking to all warm tones or cool tones. Therearetons of exceptional stands that can increase the rustic look of your hallway.

Perfect Countryside Chic

While rural themes are popular, not everyone enjoy them because they look "typical". Yet, it is possible to transform the normal rural theme into something more sophisticated. Inotherwords, you can try to do countryside them. It is both modern and unique at the same time.

A great example of this theme is to get some straw hats hanged or hooked on a stand. Besides, you can use leather bags or even satchel bags to create rustic vibe. Inaddition, you can place an accent table or coffee table (preferably white or marble color) so that you add more elegance to the entire setup.