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Halford – Taking care of your baby’s travel system

Your bun in the oven is about to pop anytime and you just can’t wait to introduce the world to your precious little child. But are you are fully prepared to welcome him/her? Getting everything ready for your little one can be both fun and stressful at times. There are just so many things to prepare, but with Halford you can cross out baby strollers, baby playpen and even infant swing out of your checklist. Thanks to Halford, shopping for your child have never been easier.

Baby Strollers 101 with Halford

Picking out a baby buggy is always fun but with the overabundance range of strollers to choose from, it can be really confusing. So we at iprice have prepared a Baby Stroller 101 with Halford for all you new parents. This guide explains the different types and will help you figure out which one works the best for your baby.

Features to look for in a Halford stroller

When it comes to baby stroller, safety is always the number one priority. Stroller safety starts with choosing the most suitable stroller for your baby. So no matter what model you pick, make sure to inspect the buckles to ensure latching and unlatching is easy for you and not the baby. For better stability, the stroller with a wide wheelbase with a storage basket that is located low on the frame is the perfect choice. Make sure the handle height is in the right position for you.

Halford – The Many different type of Strollers

Umbrella Strollers
The ideal type of stroller for moms who are always on the go, the umbrella stroller is a second stage stroller for short outings or vacations. It can also be stored just about anywhere as they can be folded up compactly. But always keep this in mind, the umbrella stroller are a big no no for newborns. It can’t be reclined and lack proper head support.
Lightweight Strollers
This new generation stroller maintains the compactness and the ‘easy to use’ umbrella strollers while offering many luxury features that is often seen in larger strollers. Although it’s perfect for parents who are on a budget, this stroller does not compromise of its safety features. It weighs less than 20lbs but features extra padding, storage baskets and sun shades to keep your precious one protected. This model is designed to take up the challenge of a whole day at the zoo or a long stroll on the beach and at the end of the day, it can be easily tucked in the back of your trunk.
Standard Strollers
If you are a mom with a lifestyle that is busier than the bee, then the standard stroller is the most dependable option for you. This rugged stroller wheels are generally larger with sturdier frames and some even features suspension systems. The seating space is roomier and more storage space for supplies. Other extra features also include snack trays for babies, drink holder for parents and reversible handles that allows you to position baby towards you or away.
Jogging Strollers
Just like its name, the jogging stroller is perfect for light strolls around the park and allows you to move with ease across many different surfaces as it is built with performance in mind. The streamlined designs, lightweight aluminium frames and large rubber tires results in a smooth ride even as you zoom away on your running speed. Some models also feature hand brakes and a shock absorbing suspension. Just keep in mind that the jogging strollers are not for infants below six months old.
Full-Sized Strollers
Full sized strollers might be the only strollers you ever need for your precious one for it is designed to be used from birth until your child gets bored of the stroller. Its roomy, sturdily built and well-equipped with toy attachments, bottle holders, soft reclining seats and oversized canopies for the comfort of your child. For you moms, this stroller is also built in with car-seat adaptors, large storage baskets and iPod attachments with built-in speakers.
3-Wheel Strollers
If you are a mom who lives on the edge and likes to take the road less taken to explore wondrous sights with your baby, then the 3-wheeled stroller could be just the thing for you. It is lightweight but built to last different terrains. It features a wide range of extras which includes cup holders, covered storage and a front swivel wheel for enhanced steering.
Travel Systems
When it comes to convenience, the travel system is surely the ultimate choice. The travel system combines a stroller, infant car seat, carrier and car seat base all in one set. Your baby can be carried from the stroller to the vehicle without waking the kid all within the same carrier. The travel system typically features multiple cup holders and soft, padded, reclining seating.

Halford – Our top 10 pick

When it comes strollers from Halford, here is our top 10 favourite that has all the features a stroller needs.

  • Halford Titania Baby Stroller Red Tulip
  • Halford Fliplite Baby Stroller
  • Halford Zuzz 4 Stroller-Red
  • Halford S9 Swift Stroller
  • Halford Fliplite Twin Stroller
  • Halford Zuzz 4 Stroller + Infant Carrier
  • Halford Cosmo DX Stroller
  • Halford S8 Pramette Stroller –Red
  • Halford Titania Baby Stroller in Blue
  • Halford Voyage II

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