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Hairstylists in Malaysia have long utilised hair curling equipment to whip those picture perfect curls on the front cover of glossy magazines. Despite its ease of use, there are a few things to know about hair curlers before getting one. Find out more about them here.

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Instyler Tulip Hair Curler
RM 69.00 RM 189.00

How It Works: This tool draws locks of hair into an interior curling chamber, where it holds hair in place, heats it up, and releases it as a smooth, bouncy curl. You can opt for tight ringlets by setting the tool on a high-duration setting, or choose looser, beachier waves by picking a shorter setting; no matter what you pick, the tool will tell you when it’s time to release your hair. Tangle-Free Design The Tulip’s open-barrel design leaves your hair visible and exposed at all times, which allays any fear of getting hair tangled or jammed in the barrel as it spins. The open design also leaves ample space that lets it hold larger sections of hair, which is ideal for users with naturally thick hair. Lightweight Design The lightweight ergonomic design of the TULIP makes curling your hair easy and comfortable. Throughout the entire styling process, the TULIP is held in a natural vertical position with a relaxed grip, putting no strain or stress on your hand or wrist. Curls in 3 Seconds Curling your hair has never been so fast and easy. The TULIP's innovative automatic curling technology lets you relax while the TULIP does all the work. With the tap of a button, you can have perfect curls and waves in just 3 seconds. Specifics Automatic hair curler Three rotation settings Maximum heat: 430°F Ceramic barrel Open-chamber design prevents tangles Lightweight and ergonomic Warranty Period : 1 Month

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Instyler Tulip Hair Curler
RM 106.30 RM 210.20

Curling your hair has never been so fast and easy. The TULIP's innovative automatic curling technology lets you relax while the TULIP does all the work. With the tap of a button, you can have perfect curls and waves in just 3 seconds. Anti-Tangle Technology With the unique open barrel design of the TULIP, your hair is visible and exposed at all times, preventing hair from getting tangled and becoming jammed in the unit. The open design and ample space surrounding the barrel also makes it easy for the TULIP to curl long and thick hair. Curling irons tend to leave creases, burn hair, and require you to do all the work. With the TULIP Auto Curler you simply tap the rotation button once and let it do all the work without damaging your hair. Not only is using the TULIP an easy, fast and fun experience, it gives perfect and consistent curls each and every time. Compared to competing auto curlers, the TULIP is very lightweight and has an ergonomic design, allowing for ease and comfort while styling. The TULIP is also uniquely designed with an open barrel, which allows you to always see your hair and know exactly what you're doing. The open barrel can be used as well for softening curls and straightening out the ends of curls. Always be sure to use caution when accessing the hot barrel. Ergonomic design Curl with comfort - The lightweight ergonomic design allows you to hold the TULIP vertically with a relaxed grip. This makes curling your hair comfortable and easy. Ceramic barrel Smooth and polish - The ceramic technology allows the TULIP to smooth hair as it curls, creating frizz-free shiny curls every time. The barrel will gently heat your hair without pulling or tugging at it, reducing breakage and damage. Open barrel Always see your hair - Hair is visible and exposed at all times, protecting it from tangling or becoming jammed in the unit. The lack of a small enclosed space also means the TULIP can handle curling long and thick hair. Safety guard Burn free styling - The curling barrel is surrounded by a cool touch safety guard that prevents contact with the hot barrel. This allows you to place the TULIP directly against your head without the risk of burning yourself. 2-way rotation Curl left and right - The secret to natural, flowing curls is in the 2-way rotating barrel. This means you can style curls away from your face or towards your face without ever switching hands or changing the TULIP’s position.

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Vivacious Waves with Hair Curlers Malaysia

In this day and age, hair curlers are an indispensable tool in the arsenal for enviable hair. They are an especial godsend for those of us with fine limp locks. The right hair curler used correctly can add volume to your hair, make you appear slimmer, transform your overall look. So if you’re bored with your average hairstyle, you should definitely give hair curlers a try, but here are a few important things to note before you make your first purchase.

Things You Should Know About Hair Curlers Before Buying One

What Type of Curling Iron or Curling Wand to Get

Ceramic - promotes even heat distribution, which minimises damage to the hair. Ceramic also emits negative ions to prevent undue hair breakage.

Tourmaline - emits six times more negative ions to smooth hair cuticles and gives the hair a shine

Titanium - also promotes even heat distribution. Its smooth surface prevents hair from snagging and sticking.

The Difference Between A Curling Wand and A Curling Iron

Curling Irons generally come with a clip or clasp that produces the look of polished and obvious curls. Curling wands, on the other hand, are geared towards producing more natural-looking waves. It should be noted that curling iron clasps can be unscrewed to mimic a curling wand.

The Size of the Curling Iron Barrel Determines the Type of Curls You Will Get

Curling irons with larger widths like a 2 inch-barrel are perfect for gentle, relaxed wavy hair while those with smaller barrels, such as a 3/8 inch-barrel, produce tight curls.For a more versatile option, use a tapered curling wand.

How to Produce Different Curls with the Same Curler

There are tonnes of tutorials available online to achieve every sort of hairstyle conceivable under the sun. But the rule of thumb is this:

Tighter curls - hold the iron horizontally through your hair.

Looser waves - hold it vertically.


If you have fine hair, using a curling iron at 90˚C and above will burn your locks off. If your hair is naturally thick, 140˚C is your limit. Make sure to utilise haircare products like heat-protection sprays before styling so that your hair remains strong and healthy.

Product Care

While most hair curlers take some time to cool after use, running a hot iron under cold water will damage the springs.

Always Use Product in Your Hair

While your curls might look brilliant in your bedroom mirror, they won’t stay up unless you put some product in them. A spritz of hairspray or some styling wax will do the trick. Supplement your styling routine with volumising mousse to give your hair a bit more body.

Transform your Hair with Hair Curlers Malaysia

And there you have it. You are ready for your first hair curler purchase. You never again have to settle for limp locks or lacklustre styles. Opt for loose beach waves, large Victoria’s Secret Angels curls, or nostalgic Molly Ringwald ringlets, and shock your friends by the utter transformation of your style.