Having the right hairstyle is part and parcel of your image. But to style appropriately, you need the right comb. Read on to know more on the guide to choosing the right comb or check out the hottest combs from the biggest hair styling brands in Malaysia.


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Find the Right Comb with The Guide Below

Neat, fashionable and stylish look are not only determined by your clothes, bags, watches, shoes, makeup and perfume used, but also from your hairdo. The first thing people notice when they see you is your face, so indirectly, your hairstyle accessories can affect a person's self-image and judgment of you. If your hair is tangled and knotted your appearance becomes unsightly.

Therefore, using a comb that matches the hair type is very important! You must have seen a variety of combs, have not you? Has it ever occurred to you why there are so many combs on the market? This is because every comb is created for different hair types! If your comb is already bad – there is a broken tooth or a broken handle – simply buy a new comb! Before choosing a new comb, find out what type of comb is right for your hair.

Here are a variety of combs that are sold online as well as a description of the type of hair that is suitable for each comb:

Normal Thickness

If you have normal thick hair, choose a fluffy comb. For example, a comb made of nylon fleece or a comb made from a combination of nylon fleece and fluff. If you use a fluffy comb, the blood circulation in the hair follicle will be smooth so that your hair becomes manageable and healthy. Meanwhile, a nylon feathered comb will help keep your hair straight and not expanding.

Curly hair

For those of you who have curly hair, the comb that is best suited for your hair type is a comb made of wood. A wooden comb will keep your curly hair curly, not straight and not expand. Plus, a wooden comb will not make your curly hair texture separate. Those who have curly hair should be more careful when setting the hair for curly hair to still look neat and not expand like a lion.

Thin and Fine Hair

If your hair is thin and fine, you should take extra precaution in choosing a comb so that your hair does not fall out and damaged. For this type of hair, choose a fine-tooth comb to help hair grow and improve blood circulation to the hair. If your hair is super brittle, choose a super-soft-haired comb to keep your hair maintained.

Short Haired Pony-tail

If you have short hair with bangs or a pony-tail, choose a small round, long-handled comb. The goal is that the comb can catch every strand of hair to keep your hair and bangs well organized. Now that you know how to style your hair using combs, go ahead and grab the perfect one for you.