Why choose an expensive, croc-leather handbag when you can go for a vegan, environmentally-friendly, and affordable bag? Haiku Malaysia is the optimal choice for passionate vegans who wants to protect the environment and its residents. Read more by clicking here.

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Haiku Malaysia: Active Living with Vegan Handbags

For some, materialistic things often bring pleasure. Women would often purchase designer or branded handbags to treat themselves or to show off their wealth. Yet, those branded bags will never do anything for the environment. With Haiku’s vegan bags, it decreases production of fabrics derived from animals. Many fabric factories often practice inhumane processes when producing these fabrics, putting the animals in dire stress.

Haiku promotes a more active lifestyle with its vegan bags as well. Their bags are light and convenient to carry everywhere. It also caters to hikers, joggers, cyclist, and athletes because of its sturdiness while maintaining stylishness with the unique designs.

What is veganism?

For those who live under a rock and are unfamiliar with this millennial trend, veganism is a lifestyle and those who follow it stray from using animal products. It’s different from vegetarianism because products like gelatin, leather, fur, honey, and dairy are omitted. Basically, anything that is produced from an animal is avoided. This is because veganism revolves around the ideology that animals should never be exploited for human consumption or pleasure.

Some vegans even go as far as implementing a raw diet, meaning that they don’t cook their meals at all. Instead, they use a dehydrator or simply consume only fruits and raw vegetables. Still, even though veganism is considered to be one of the healthiest diets today, it encompasses more than just a way to eat. For many, it’s a way of life that ensures the well-being of all living beings.

Haiku bags and CYCLEPET

Haiku bags are vegan because they don’t use materials like wool, cotton, cashmere, or leather. Instead, they make their bags using CYCLEPET, a fabric made from recycled plastic bottles. CYCLEPET is versatile and can be made to mimic other materials like leather. CYCLEPET production uses less energy than normal fabrics and the dyes used for Haiku bags are free of chemicals and toxins.

Each bag that Haiku manufactures with the CYCLEPET fabric keeps about 22 plastic bottles out of the landfill. The brand has also invested in CYCLEPET productions, hoping to inspire other manufacturers in the outdoor industry to change their means of productions.

How to care for your Haiku bags

The best way to care for your Haiku bags is by cleaning it often. Take a microfiber cloth or soft brush and dip it in cool water. Gently scrub away the dirt with a little bit of diluted detergent or mild soap. Don’t dry it by using a drying machine. Hang it up to dry or use a hair dryer in the lowest setting. For your vegan leather Haiku bags, use the spot clean technique which is able to clean stains and dust removal.

Haiku suggests to not clean their bags with washing machine. However, if you’re pressed for time, use cold water and gentle detergent with the most delicate setting. Haiku bags comes with a warranty, but it does not cover for the damage done by a washing machine. The washing machine can compromise the water-resistant coating after several washes and could rust or ruin the hardware.

Most popular Haiku bags

Haiku Malaysia has many types of vegan handbags, all with their own unique, trendy designs. The following are some of the most popular Haiku bags in Seattle and beyond.

  • Clutch bag. Clutches are small bags that you can use to put your phones, small wallet, and keys. It’s intended for a short trip like running errands or when jogging. Haiku clutches comes in the variations of Breeze, Cairn, Drift, Fortitude, Impulse, Kismet, and Stride.
  • Backpack. They have the most support for the back and shoulders. They’re used for schools, trekking, and traveling because they offer the most space. You can choose the Haiku vegan Roam Mini Backpack or To Go Convertible.
  • Sling bag. Sling bag provides more support than the regular shoulder bag. It acts like a backpack but comes with only one strap meant to go over and across the shoulder. Haiku sling bags are available in the styles of Ascend Hobo, Harmony, Jaunt, Revel, Stroll, Swift Grab Bag, Tear Drop, TO go Convertible, Venture, Wander, and Wanderlust.
  • RFID. RFID, Radio Frequency Identification, are bags are meant to prevent electronic pickpocketing like credit card frauds and identity thefts. You can get Haiku RFID bags and wallets in the style of Fortitude, Mini Wallet, Trek Passport Case, and Venture.

Haiku has more that 20 stores all over the United States, but what about interested vegan customers from overseas? Well, fret not. Because of its dealer program, Haiku bags can now be purchased in all regions, including in the Malaysia. You can now buy Haiku bags online on iPrice Malaysia through our partner online shops like Galleon.