Possessing a huge arsenal of traditional herbal and pharmaceutical products that can enhance your health tremendously, Hai-O is one of the market leaders that is still passionate in taking your health to the next level. Read more about Hai-O below to find out.


Hai-O Malaysia

Healthier Way of Life with Hai-O Products

If you are looking for the brand that can cater to your need, Hai-O is the name that you should look up to. As one of the leading traditional herbal and pharmaceutical brand names in the market, Hai-O offers an impressive array of products that can enhance your healthy lifestyle in many ways that you do not expect. It is always easy to learn to live a healthy life with Hai-O. Hence, this is a simple guide that helps you to get the best-selling Hai-O products to enjoy the truly healthier lifestyle.

Best-Selling Hai-O Products

As mentioned earlier, Hai-O boasts an amazing list of products that take your healthy living to the next level. Furthermore, these products incorporate the latest technology and innovation to improve the quality of your lifestyle. Since there are just too many of them, here is a breakdown of the top Hai-O products that are highly recommended by everyone that uses them.

Hai-O BIOZONE Food Purifier

Utilizing a proprietary process that integrates ozone-resistant materials to convert oxygen to ozone, the Hai-O BIOZONE food purifier then uses this ozone to purify your food as it is immersed in it. Essentially, this Hai-O product does this bubbling process to eliminate any contaminating substance in your food within the pre-determined time frame. When you compare this Hai-O product with its rivals, you will be delighted to find out that it is able to maintain most nutrients effortlessly.

Besides, you only need 15 minutes to purify most food types. As for meat types such as beef, chicken and lamb, it usually requires 30 minutes to purify them. If you want to use it for long bath or refrigerator, you can always set it as long as 45 minutes. Furthermore, you can use this 3 minutes ON/OFF sanitizing function for a liter of water. In fact, you can utilize such function to remove bacteria on the surface of the food quickly. The maximum volume of water that you can put is 10 liters or 30 minutes.

Amazingly, it does not consume excessive electricity because its power consumption is minimal at 35 Watts. The Hai-O BIOZONE food purifier is one of the must-have products because you can remove any contaminants in the food while retain the food nutrients. At the same time, it is also effective when it comes to preserve the freshness of the food as well as remove the nasty foul odor. Moreover, you can trust it to purify all types of food without much trouble at all.

Hai-O Miautan Enerplus

As recommended by most Hai-O users, the Hai-OMiautan Enerplus is your healthier natural drink supplement that is beneficial to your body. Based on ancient Chinese therapeutic principles, the Hai-OMiautan Enerplus is an amazing product which can improve your blood circulation and strengthen the function of your body at the same time. This becomes increasingly important as our bodies get weaker with the passing of time. Furthermore, this means that our bodies also demand important nutrients as there is a greater need for them.

Housing 60 capsules in the small box, this Hai-O product makes it easier for you to consume it. All you need to do is to open one capsule and pour its content into your water or mineral water. Then, shake it and you can drink it at any time. Aptly named, the Hai-OMiautan Enerplus will inject much-needed energy into your body so that you can always enjoy your lively lifestyle.

Hai-O Garlic

Aside from being used as a flavoring, the garlic is also a special herb that has been considered as the healthy food throughout the ages. Due to this special attribute, Hai-O develops this Hai-O Garlic so that everyone can enjoy its benefit. Extracted from the active composition of raw garlic through a technical process which retains its nutritional value while removes its natural odor and pungent flavor at the same time.

Each Hai-O Garlic tablet contains 100% of the garlic extract powder. Impressively, it can exhibit the effect of being non-irritating to the gastric mucosa. Furthermore, it is also easily assimilated by the small intestine. Suitable for people of all ages and both genders, the Hai-O Garlic is definitely a must-have product so that you lead a healthier way of life. Most importantly, you will be very surprised at how it enhances your quality of living tremendously.

Hai-O Organic Spirulina

Cultivated wholly from spirulina in a mineral water ponds in the mountains, the Hai-O Organic Spirulina is another great candidate that offers nature's gift to improve your body health. As it is cultivated in an environment with clean and fresh air, the Hai-O Organic Spirulina is actually free from chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and heavy metal. In other words, you can consume it safely without much trouble at all. Besides, it also provides wholesome nutrients to your body and strengthening it. In addition, it promotes blood production as well as improves your digestive system.

How Hai-O Malaysia Challenges Your Modern Way of Life

Despite our modern way of life, it is still ironic that a lot of us actually neglect our own personal healthy simply because we take everything for granted. Assuming that we have the best of medical technology, we unwittingly allow ourselves to fall into sickness when we can actually take positive measures to lead a healthier way of life. However, you can always start to get back life together by using some of the health products that you can find in the market. For more Hai-O products, you should check out Hai-O supplements for amazing products that can enhance the quality of your lifestyle.