Boasting the worldwide reputation for true quality clothing for men, Hackett is the proud British menswear brand that champions classy men's clothing. Read more about Hackett Malaysia here.

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Hackett Malaysia - Simplicity At Its Finest

With such fine reputation, Hackett offers simple yet sophisticated men's clothing and other accessories. At the first glance, Hackett boasts an impressive array of fascinating designs that make you think that Hackett has been around for a long time. Not just that, such notion is also supported by the fact that Hackett also offers a variety of designs for men and boys. Contrary to popular opinions that Hackett has a longer history, Hackett actually has been around for a few decades only.

In fact, its founder, Jeremy Hackett, once joked that most believe that the brand was started by his grandfather or father. According to him, it is truly a compliment since this shows that Hackett has been accepted as an actual brand and it is not a passing fad that is subjected to cruel fickleness of passing time. Proudly British, Hackett possesses authenticity and integrity that belie its age.

All About Hackett - A Simple Tale Of Authenticity & Integrity

It all began when Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings met on Portobello Road in 1979. Coincidentally, both men shared a common love: a love of second-hand traditional British men's clothing. Subsequently, they started a business partnership as well as planning for it. From London's Portobello Road, they operated a business that primarily sourced vintage men's clothing. In 1983, both men opened their first store in Parson's Green, London. Selling fine quality second-hand traditional British clothing and accessories under the name "Hackett", their business continued to grow and expand steadily. The year 1985 saw the decision made by both men in switching gear from selling second-hand clothing to designing and selling their own designs. Such life-changing decision was prompted by the inability of their supply of second-hand good to keep up with the demand.

In 1987, two army officers approached Hackett to ask for sponsorship. As a result, the Hackett Polo Team was formed and they were based in Guards Polo Club. Amazingly, the forming of this Hackett Polo Team actually brought unforeseen outcome as it eventually sparked the beginning of Hackett's own sportswear range. Its design of team shirts proved to be popular among its customers as all of them were almost sold out in its own store. The following year began with a blast as Hackett resorted to small yet effective advertising campaign via two devices: the chequer board advertising style and the strap line, "Essential British Kit". These two devices have been said to be enduring British icons that still remained endearing to this day. Hackett could not be possibly more British than that!

My Goodness, My Hackett

Historically, the fickle fashion world has never been satisfied with anything that can be called as fashionable at all. Unsurprisingly, there has been countless revivals of fashions that once disappeared due to vagaries of both fashion and time. However, the classic clothing is here to stay as it still remains as relevant as ever. Channeling power, prestige and appeal at the same time, there is no other clothing style that can match the timeless attraction that classic clothing offers. Not only that, it is also able to bring a totally different kind of sophistication in an effortless manner. Even then, it still takes an entirely different breed of style in making the classic clothing to be even more prominent. Surprise, surprise, the answer is the British style classic clothing as the classic British menswear continues to be worn by pop culture figures.

Being credited with empowering the essence of British style clothing, Hackett surprises the world with its own uniquely British offering to the world. While still remaining faithful to true British ideals of style and quality, Hackett continues to take it further by developing them further to be even more refined. When you compare with other British retailers and bespoke stores, Hackett still can be distinguishable as it injects spiffiness with its own witty takes. Of course, Hackett has been successful in charging its classic menswear to be boasting that vintage vibe in a more characterful way.

Glorious Expansion To Those That Have Acquired Tastes

Before the end of 1990, Hackett continued to enjoy increasing popularity among its neighboring Europeans who are Anglophile, especially the Spanish customers. In order to reward its loyal European customers, Hackett has decided to open its first European store in Madrid. A few years later, Hackett subsequently opened another one in Paris. The year 1992 proved to be a monumental moment as Alfred Dunhill bought Hackett and this enabled Hackett to get its own flagship store in Sloane Street, London. Subsequently, Alfred Dunhill would become Richemont Luxury Goods Group.If anything, Hackett could be said to be in a even better position as it would propel throughout the decades with itsEssential British Kids range as well as sponsoring the England Rugby team. In conjunction with'Horse and Hound' magazine, Hackett came out with the fascinatingbold and colourful tweed with a green base and red overcheck.

Working with the Aston Martin racing team in the beginning of 2005, Hackett continued to be stronger as it opened more stores to keep up with increasing demand. Needless to say, Hackett remains to be one of the strong brands that is able to stand toe-to-toe with some fashion heavyweights that come from either mass or luxury market. Despite there has been several changes of ownership, Jeremy Hackett is still around to beleading Hackett actively to contribute more into the British fashion industry especially in the realm of classic menswear design.

Staying Stylish Has Never Been This Easier With Fabulous Hackett Collections

From the simple shirt to superbly cut suit, Hackett boasts extensive line of well-tailored fashion pieces and accessories that are perfect for the modern man. So, please take your time in checking the fabulous Hackett clothing in order to stay stylish all the time as the Brits do.

Suiting Up With Hackett Suits

Representing the quintessential British style, Hackett suits are always neatly tailored with emphasis on every single detail. In other words, Hackett suits are crafted to exacting specifications that will put most brands to shame. Remember to match them with the comfortable format shirt as well as fabulous tie and pocket square!

Hackett Microstructured Suit
As a true modern fit for the gentlemen, Hackett Microstructured Suit is a wonderful masterpiece that champions simplicity, style and sophistication effortlessly. At the same time, it is very comfortable to be worn while making a great impression when meeting with others.
Hackett Microweave Suit
Displaying your debonair look, Hackett Microweave Suit presents a sleeker way in channeling your irresistible charisma. Moreover, timeless elegance is the direct message when wearing this well-tailored suit.
Hackett Mayfair Slim Fit Birdseye Suit
If you want to make lasting impression on others, you should try Hackett Mayfair Slim Fit Birdseye Suit as it is well-crafted to exhibit your character in a more streamlined design.

The Splendor Of Simplicity That Only Hackett Knitwear Can Show

Offering from the basic high quality Italian knit to the exquisite cashmere, Hackett offers its own unique collection of knitwear that thrives on having that stylish and comfortable experience seamlessly. In addition, you will be able to add layers without adding bulk as Hackett knitwear collection consists of true quality designs that make you look fit instead of looking fat.

Hackett Rice Stick Crew-Neck Jumper
Subtly luxurious and sophisticated at the same time, Hackett Rice Stick Crew-Neck Jumper offers you a totally stylish option during the transitional period from autumn to winter. It is highly recommended that you should pair it with a lovely shirt and an elegant scarf to enjoy the season as it is truly comfortable!
Hackett Full Zip Panel Jumper
Delivering its understated sophisticated look, Hackett Full Zip Panel Jumper is another fascinating option for you to look incredibly stylish. At the same time, it boasts a zipper that makes it to exude that more modern look.
Hackett Fine Gauge Full Button Jumper
With its beautifully woven wool, cashmere and silk, Hackett Fine Gauge Full Button Jumper still exudes that sophisticated aura in a subtle way. As a true masterpiece in both simplicity and sophistication, it definitely make you to be more fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Just Hackett Your Way

All it takes is a Hackett and your dream of emerging as the finest gentleman in this whole planet will be realized. Another accessories that you should consider when matching with your sartorial masterpieces from Hacknett is obviously Hackett shoes which turn out to be the perfect pairs for the modern man to tread with dignified manner.