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How to Improve Your Gundam Kit with Panel Lining

Gundam toys are one of the most popular toys in the world because you even reenact epic battle poses and scenes with them. Even if you are not a fan of Gundam, you definitely have heard of them before. Many people enjoy collecting Gundam kits because they are well-designed figures that look exactly like their anime counterparts. In fact, some have gone as far to transform them into epic figures with just painting and other techniques. For those that do not like to paint, you can opt for easy panel lining to transform your Gunpla kit dramatically. This is how you can improve Gundam or Gunpla kit with a simple panel lining technique.

Why Gunpla Panel Lining is a Great Idea

Basically, panel lining is the process of applying ink and paint to each piece's line or groove in order to improve the overall look and detail of your Gunpla kit. When you master this simple skill, you can apply this process on any kit you are working on. In fact, it is an essential skill for any Gunpla enthusiast. Amazingly, panel lining is also a great way for beginners to enhance the overall look of their kits without the need for painting skills.

With just a panel lining marker and a rubber pencil eraser, you are good to go. If you hate the idea of hand paint or spray paint your Gunpla, panel lining is definitely the recommended choice to transform the look of your Gunpla kit dramatically. It only takes simple and minimal tools to put more details on your Gunpla kit.

Types of Gundam Markers that You Need

The first question that comes to the mind is which marker you should be using. One obvious option is to use Gundam Panel Lining Markers that can be found easily at all hobby shops. The most popular Gundam marker which you can find is GM01. It is actually a basic fine black marker. In terms of popularity, it is followed by GM02 (grey) and GM03 (brown).

As you go through any stationery shop, you can also find a lot of markers which can be used to apply same panel lining process. However, you need to make sure that you use only fine tip markers for panel lining. Not just that, these Gundam markers can be erased easily by rubbing a rubber eraser on any mistakes or excess ink. Please note that you must do so right away after you have applied the panel lining. This is important because Gundam markers become harder to erase once the ink has dried.

Before you can begin, you should know about specific purpose of each Gundam marker so that you can apply panel lining properly. In addition, these basic Gundam markers can turn your ordinary Gunpla kit into an epic masterpiece if you understand them better.

GM01 - Black Gundam Marker

Ideal for light colored pieces like white armor of a Gundam Barbatos or the red armor of a Grimgerde, GM01 can enhance its overall look. Most people recommend using this Black Gundam Marker if you desire an anime look for your Gunpla kit. It is wonderful that you will be able to recreate your own Gunpla kit to be more anime-accurate.

GM02 -Grey Gundam Marker

Some of us who are fans of realistic or any gritty art will appreciate how GM02 can help to bring our Gunpla kit to life. You will be surprised when your Gunpla kit becomes more realistic-looking. For any light colored Gunpla pieces, GM02 is also a good choice.

GM03 - Brown Gundam Marker

Thanks to its brown color, GM03 is an excellent choice for stimulating rust in some of your panel lines. Fascinatingly, you can even achieve earthy tone with it. GM03 goes well with red and yellow armor parts.

Alternative Marker – COPIC Multi-Liners

If you are not keen on using Gundam Markers, there are also alternative markers. Some Gunpla people will encourage you to use COPIC Multi-Liners because they are easier to erase when you make mistakes or have applied excess panel lining. This is because they tend to take longer time to dry and cure. COPIC Multi-Liners make it easier for you to correct your mistakes. However, its weakness is that you must be careful in handling the parts that you have applied panel lining because you actually risk smudging the wet ink. Despite this, any rubber eraser can be used for COPIC Multi-Liner and you still can remove the wet ink easily.

Alternative Marker – Micron Markers

Micron markers have been said to be viable choice because they also use the same ink type as Gundam markers. As they come in a myriad of colors, this means that you can enjoy different color choices to refine details of your Gunpla kit. In addition, they also offer different tip sizes which allow for more precise panel lining on different Gunpla kit sizes. Another awesome thing about Micron markers is that they are widely available in almost every store unlike Gundam Markers which can be limited to hobby and specialty stores.

How to Take Care of Your Gundam Markers

When it comes to Gundam Marker tip, you must be careful so that you do not put too much pressure on it because it can be damaged easily. If you take a closer look, you will realize that tip of Gundam Marker looks more like a soft sponge. You must remember that damaged or frayed tips do not offer a clean line. This is why you should choose the appropriate tip size for the right kind of panel lining.