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A wallet is so much more than just a portable storage container for your cards and money. It is a piece of accessory that shows off your style and, obviously, wealth. It is an item that makes people go ‘Wow!’ when you take it out of your bag/pocket to pay for the bill. Gucci Wallets are all that and more. Add some style and a lot of class to your outfit with one today. Click here to read more.

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Gucci Wallets Malaysia: Dressing Up Your Wealth

Gucci Wallets Malaysia: From Dreams To Fame

Gucci, one of the most distinguished luxury brand in the fashion industry. It is the dream of many women (and some men!) to be able to own at least one item from this brand. The interlocking double “Gs” emblazoned on its products are easily recognized and is seen as a symbol of luxury, style, and fashion.

Born in 1921, in Florence, the brand was founded by Guccio Gucci. The founder used to work as a porter at the Savoy Hotel and was inspired by the look of luggage bags that the guests used to carry to open his very own luggage store. The brand quickly rose to fame due to its reputation for delivering quality products. While the road to fame has never been a smooth road for Gucci, the brand has proved time and time again that it can evolve and that it will always be a top player in the fashion world.

Gucci Wallets Malaysia: A Luxurious Dream

While Gucci is well-known for its bags (especially since the Gucci ‘It’ bag era in 2000), it is no doubt that the designs of their wallets are just as exquisite. Made from the highest quality products and coupled with the brand’s unique designs, these wallets evoke a certain aura of class and style that is sure to capture anyone’s attention.

Gucci Wallets for Men

While Gucci has many different designs for their manly wallets, here are some of the more notable designs that we feel would never go out of style:

  • Gucci Web GG Supreme Wallet [bi-fold wallet with Gucci’s signature web and bee design]
  • Gucci Guccissima Leather Bi-Fold Wallet [Made from blue leather with Gucci’s signature web detail]
  • Gucci GG Supreme Pouch With Feline [Zip top pouch with studded feline detail on a backdrop of Gucci’s signature web design]

Gucci Wallets for Women

More commonly known as purses (for women), the Gucci women wallets exude a sense of style that changes with the seasons. Here are the top 3 designs that we feel are the best:

  • Gucci Blooms Print Zip Around Wallet [Made from natural grain leather with pretty pink flowers print]
  • Gucci Tian Continental Wallet [Features nature print inspired by Chinese landscapes on a backdrop of Gucci’s signature web detail]
  • Gucci GG Supreme French Flap Wallet [Features Gucci’s signature web design on one sign with a coloured leather flap]

Gucci Wallets Malaysia: Luxury That You Can Use

Spruce up your image with a Gucci wallet today and be the envy of many. Scroll up and have a look at our fabulous array of Gucci wallets or browse Gucci for other products that may spark your interest.