Probably one of the most well-known pharmaceutical brands in Malaysia, Guardian is everyone’s one-stop destination for health and beauty products. Apart from being the largest products inventory in the market, Guardian Malaysia also provides the best solutions to your daily body care routine. Scroll below to learn more about the Guardian online Malaysia.

How do I get a Guardian member card? | Can I buy Guardian products online?

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Why you should shop at Guardian Malaysia - The best pharmacy

In Malaysia, Guardian is widely recognized by many people no matter where it's located. It started as a small pharmacy located in Jalan Raja Chulan in 1967 and has been catering to people's health and wellness by providing high-quality products ever since. Now, Guardian has become the largest Malaysian health and beauty retailer. Read on to better understand the values of this pharmaceutical brand.

Providing Products at Affordable Rates

Nowadays, buying medicine can cost you a fortune. That is why sometimes we are reluctant to buy any health and well-being products as a way to help reduce cost, compromising our health in the process. Thankfully, Guardian Malaysia ensures that the products that they sell are abundant and affordable so that Malaysians will be able to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Massive product inventory

Guardian provides a massive product base that caters to the needs of every individual, men and women alike. The company has provided trusted health and beauty solutions to more than 30 million Malaysian. Let’s discover what you can find at the Guardian store. From health care to cosmetics, you can find everything under one roof. Take a look at the products available below:

Guardian HealthCare

Make sure you have all the necessary products to provide excellent care to your family. Shop at Guardian for everything you need including vitamins and supplements, digestion and dieting products, sports nutrition, bone and joint care as well as nutritional foods and drinks.

Guardian Wellness

Every home needs a sufficient First Aid box and Guardian ensures that your family has enough protection as well as personal care equipment. You can find the best products from different well-known brands besides the Guardian brand. Ensure that your family is protected with first aid accessories, self-monitoring devices, surgical support and many more.

Guardian Beauty and Skin Care and Cosmetic

Guardian Skin Care is probably the most sought-after products line and Guardian Health and Beauty solutions are what the company is mostly known for. With famous health and beauty brands like Maybelline, Silky Girl, Revlon, Loreal being the top-selling brands, you can't deny that Guardian is the go-to store for both makeup beginners and professionals.

Guardian Personal Care

Besides general beauty products, Guardian also boasts a broad selection of personal care items for your daily care. If you love smelling good, Guardian has a range of body mist and perfume as well as hand and body products. For general personal care, there is hair care, oral care, and sanitary protection and hygiene.

Guardian Baby and Kids products

Parents can also find everything your baby needs from Guardian to provide them with the most tender care and healthy development processes such as baby milk powder, baby toiletries, diapering, and nursing accessories.

How do I get a Guardian member card?

You can get a Guardian membership by visiting one of their outlets and filling in the membership form. The Guardian Malaysia membership is free to join.

Can I buy Guardian products online?

Yes, the Guardian Pharmacy Malaysia online shop offers all the same products as the ones in-store all with the same price. There are also exclusive online promotions that you may not find in the physical Guardian outlet.