Grohe is a globally-renowned provider of innovative water products including faucets, detachable hand sprays, and much more. If you consider buying one, check out the latest Grohe products. You can also learn some tips on how to choose the right faucet by reading the article below.


How to Choose the Right Faucet with Grohe Malaysia

Choosing a faucet may not be as easy as it seems. Today, faucets come in a variety of materials, finishes, styles, and prices, which makes the buying process overwhelming. To help you in your purchase, here are seven things to keep in mind before getting your faucet in the checkout line.

Do not just focus on looks

One of the most common mistakes of consumers when buying faucets is focusing on appearance. Although a visually appealing design is essential, you will most probably get one without having to compromise on durability and convenience. To get the best advice on practical options for faucets, it’s best to talk to manufacturers, retailers, faucet designers, and plumbers.

Do not spend too much

There’s no need to spend too much for a faucet. Though you might get a good one for less but it’s more likely you’d get something of low-quality. On the other hand, if you spend a lot you’re most likely paying for additional features or design rather than durability or reliability. If you’re looking for a quality faucet that is affordable, Grohe Malaysia’s will give you premium and budget-friendly options.

Check the spout height and reach

Spouts in faucets come in various lengths and reach, and most of the time consumers choose the one with the best look. However, if your sink has a shelf above it, going for a tall spout may not be an ideal choice, unless you have a three-bowl kitchen sink where a short spout is recommended. Meanwhile, for bath faucets, it’s not ideal to go for one with a short reach, as it can cause you to slosh water when washing your hands.

Go for ceramic valves

If you don’t want a dripping faucet, choose one with ceramic valves. Although there are other variants of valves that are drip-free, they can’t supersede the reliability of ceramic. On top of that, the cost of ceramic valves is usually the same as regular faucets.

Consider tougher finishes

Here’s the rule of thumb of faucet finishes - choose one that complements nearby fixtures such as cabinet hardware and towel bars. This is because mismatches do not look good. If you decide to change the existing fixture, you will have many options for faucet finishes. Typical faucet finishes include nickel, bronze, and chrome. Most of these finishes are visually-appealing and durable.

  • Chrome – Aside from being very durable, a chrome finish is the easiest to keep clean. For this reason, it has always been a top choice for bathrooms and kitchens. If you use your faucet frequently, a faucet with a chrome finish is your best bet. Grohe Malaysia is known for its chrome faucets that are not only eye-catching but also very durable.
  • Nickel – This type of finish can come with satin, brushed, or stainless-steel coating, and often have a dull shine. Although they are durable, they have the tendency to attract fingerprints and smudges, so they’re more difficult to keep clean. Meanwhile, there are some nickel finishes that can stand against stains and smudges, however, they are not as durable as their metal counterparts.
  • Bronze – Bronze finishes have a brownish color and often labelled as “rubbed” or “oiled” bronze. They may be tough but they can be scratched or chipped easily.

Think about the number of holes in your sink

Before you ever consider switching from a two-handle faucet to one, count the number of holes in the sink. Typically, sinks come with three holes – one for the cold handle, one for the hot, and one under the spout. If your bathroom faucet is widespread with two handles far from the spout, you can’t replace it with a single-handle model. A kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer attached to the spout will come with an empty sprayer hole. A solution to this is to simply install a soap dispenser.

Choose a faucet with a single handle

Two-handle faucets come with a stylish finish that go well with many bathrooms including traditional ones. However, for practical reasons, it’s best to go for single-handle faucets, as they offer many benefits. Aside from convenience, they provide an adjustable water temperature and are easy to clean up. If you prefer two-handle faucets, you can find well-made ones on Grohe Malaysia.

Go for Pull-down Sprayers

If you’ve ever owned a side sprayer whose handle is mounted in the sink, most probably you’ve had issues with leaks. With that, you might want to replace it with a pull-down sprayer. Many experts attest to the reliability of pull-down sprayers, which are better than side sprayers.

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