Biscuits and cookies are a vital part of Malaysia’s tea time. We love our biscuits. In particular, there are some that we can’t get enough of. Here are some of our all-time favourite biscuits.


Biscuits and Cookies Malaysians Love to Eat for Tea Time

We Malaysians love our tea time. We cannot go long without having our biscuits and tea or coffee. Tea time is such a big deal in Malaysia that most food outlets have special meal sets to cater to the tea time crowd. At home, the habit of dipping biscuits into our hot beverages is something all of us enjoy. But most of us have a set of favourite biscuits we tend to eat for tea time. Here are some of our personal favourites.


First you twist it. Then you lick it. Then you dunk it. Then you eat it!

If you remember the age-old advertisement on how to eat an Oreo cookie, you will remember how much we Malaysians love our chocolate biscuit with a creamy filling. The signature black and white colour of the cookie brings out its tantalising taste. The crunch of each bite washed down with a glass of fresh milk makes the perfect snack. Some love it with coffee or tea. Some eat it on its own. But all are equally as delicious.

Digestive Biscuits

For those who love their fibre along with a malty taste, digestive biscuits are the all-time favourite. One brand in particular makes the best digestives – McVitie’s. McVitie’s digestives are perfect for dipping into warm tea or coffee. But be careful, they easily dissolve in warm liquid. Good luck fishing them out once they’ve fallen into your beverage.

A popular variation of the McVitie’s digestive is the chocolate coated digestive. One of the popular brands of chocolate coated digestives is the Marks & Spencer digestives. Mmm mmm good!

Hello Panda

At first glance, you may think Hello Panda cookies are made for children. You may be right, but adults love them too! If you haven’t tried Hello Panda biscuits you need to get yourself a packet pronto! A crunchy shell with a cute panda face on it hides a chocolatey secret inside. The soft chocolate paste on the inside mixed with the outer biscuit is the perfect midday snack.

Tim Tams

Although not originally Malaysian, this brand of biscuits has become a favourite in recent years. The Arnott’s Tim Tams, originally from Australia, have become more popular as a snack since we started importing them. Much like many of our chocolate-coated wafers, Tim Tams are a joy to eat. Two flat biscuits coated all around with rich, luscious chocolate are every sweet tooth’s dream. Tim Tams also come in a variety of flavours including dark chocolate, white chocolate, banana and caramel.

There are many more biscuits and cookies we love to eat. But if you haven’t tried these above, you need to get yourself some and you will know the beauty of biscuits we love.