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GRENHOUSS BEUCOGEN - Mix Soya Powder With Marine Collagen (20's x 10g)
RM 119.00

Product Description Consuming Beucogen & Expected Result (a) Beucogen Collagen has a special formultion which combines a 3-in-1 formula for radiant skin, firmer breast and antioxidant. (b) Beucogen Collagen improves your skin’s elasticity, resulting in firmer breast and skin. Beucogen Collagen helps to improve your skin tone, youthfulness and reduce the appearance of age spots as well as wrinkles. It also firms and moisturizes the skin for a more youthful look. (c) Within a month, you should be able to experience firmer breast and skin. Over the time, you should see and feel better skin radiance. (d) Best to be taken twice daily (before breakfast and before bedtime). Dissolve one sachet of Beucogen Collagen into 140ml of water and drink immediately for maximum effectiveness. you can consume up to 4 sheets per day. (e) Basically, everyone can take this product. However, pregnant women and lactating women should first consult their doctor before consuming this product. WHAT IS SO SPECIAL ABOUT BEUCOGEN? Firms up breast Repairs body cell Improves skin fairness Restores skin cell elasticity Reduces fine lines and pigmentation Retains skin moisture comtent Smoothens skin Eliminates free radicals Prevents cell oxidations Antioxidant MAJOR FACTORS AFFECTING TO AGE Sun 80% of visible skin ageing is due to UV light exposure. The UV light damages moisture barrier in the epidermis and elastin as well as collagen in the dermis. Therefore, skin loses its elasticity, appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, formation af dark spots on the skin as it produces excess melanin. Hormonal Ageing The first five years following menopause, the skin loses up to 30% of its supportive collagen fibres. The skin becomes thinner, less capable of storing moisture, which results in drier skin and visible wrinkles. Pollution Airborne pollutants such as dirt and dust, present in most modern environments, especially in densely populated or industrialized areas are harmful to the skin. Air-Conditioning Prolong exposure to air-conditioner dehydrates the skin, leaving the epidermis dry. Dehydration will then damages the skin's barrier function and increases evaporation of dermal moisture. Sleep Sleep deprivation leads to dull complexion and dark, puffy under-eyed circles. Long terms of sleep deficiency will accelerate the appearance of premature aging to the skin such as lines and wrinkles. Stress Anxiety and anger will increase sebum production in skin resulting in oily skin and breakouts. Besides that, free radicals generated by stress can damage our skin and cause our skin to age more rapidly. Alcohol Drinking in excess leads to skin dehydration and skin loses important blood circulation. Alcohol intake can also reduce the level of vitamin A in the body leading to lower skin cell turnover and a decreased ability to fight free radicals. Lower skin cell turnover causes the skin to appear sallow due to accumulation of dead cells on the

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