GoPro is an American tech company that specializes in action cameras and accessories. They are especially handy if you are an adventurous and outdoorsy person as they can withstand elements such as water and dust. Whether it is to vlog your vacations or to create professional videos, GoPro can do it all. If you are in the market for one, check out the latest GoPro products below. You can also learn some tips on how to get the right GoPro product by reading the article below.


Top GoPro Price List 2021

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GoPro HERO7 Black RM 1,259.00 Shopee
GoPro HERO7 White RM 740.63 Amazon
GoPro HERO6 RM 1,600.00 Lazada
GoPro HERO7 RM 740.63 Amazon
GoPro HERO7 Silver RM 820.08 Amazon
GoPro HERO4 Silver RM 509.00 Shopee
GoPro Fusion RM 840.00 Shopee
GoPro HERO Session RM 1,464.16 Shopee
GoPro HERO4 Black RM 454.40 Shopee
GoPro HERO9 RM 1,250.00 Shopee
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GoPro HERO7 Black

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Tips on How to Get the Right GoPro in Malaysia

GoPro is a famous brand that is synonymous with action and adventure. Their action cameras offer high definition quality, perfect for capturing special moments. Aside from cameras, they also have drones and accessories, which help enhance the user’s experience and elevate your videos to the next level. If you’re in the market for one, here are some things to keep in mind to get the right product that suits your needs.

Action Cameras

When buying a GoPro camera in Malaysia, don’t select any high-end model just for the sake of owning one. Make sure to check essential features, such as video resolution, build, durability, image quality, and battery life.

Video Resolution

If you want the highest video quality, you can go for an action camera with a 4K resolution. This feature is available in most high-end models, while standard variants typically wield either a 1080p or 720p resolution. However, the right video resolution depends on the usage and the kind of device you will use to watch your footage. So, if you don’t have a 4K TV or a decent computer monitor, then getting a 4K action camera is pointless.


GoPro cameras in Malaysia are box-shaped, making them convenient to use for certain applications such as chest mounting. If you are looking for a GoPro camera with the lightest and smallest build, then check out the HERO4 Session line. Not only are they tiny in size but also they wield rugged and waterproofing features with convenient one-button control. On the other hand, if you are looking for an action camera with a standard size, there is the Hero 5 line that has its own set of stunning specs and features.


If you want to use your action camera in adverse weather conditions, such as rain and snow, then check if the particular model has “waterproof” or “weatherproof” features. Speaking of waterproofing protection, GoPro’s HERO session line has action cameras with water-resistant chassis, which is perfect for surfers.

Image Quality

If you like taking still photos, you may want to consider the image quality of your action camera. Bear in mind that the higher the megapixel value, the higher the photo resolution. If that doesn’t suffice, then you can still enhance your image to suit your needs.

Battery Life

Typically, action cameras only provide two to three hours of nonstop use before they run out of juice. This varies depending on usage, such as using a higher resolution when recording videos which drain the battery faster. Other activities that could deplete your GoPro’s battery include connecting to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and turning on other connectivity features.


When it comes to drones, the rule of thumb is that the more you pay for, the more features you get. Also, you need to determine the purpose of your purchase. Figure out if you want a hobby drone or a model for filming or photographing. Meanwhile, if you are a thrill-seeking hobbyist, you could go for a racing drone that is typically small yet fast and durable.

Apart from that, you also need to think about the size. This depends on a few factors such as the kind of flying experience you want and the kind of equipment you may want to use. The bigger the size, the more stable the drone is when flying against stronger winds.

If you are looking for a quality drone camera, GoPro has the Karma range which comes with an easy-to-use controller. It is compatible with GoPro’s top-of-the-line action cameras such as the Hero Black 6, 5 and 4.


To modify and improve the functionality of your GoPro, here are some accessories to consider.

Mini Tripod

Unlike regular tripods, mini tripods are lightweight and you can fit them into almost any bag. They have rotating heads that are essential for positioning the camera.


This is an important gear so you can comfortably carry a large set of GoPro equipment while exploring the city or countryside. Make sure that the bag is lightweight and has padded straps to make it more secure and comfortable. A good GoPro backpack should also have a lot of compartments for mounts, batteries, cables, and other accessories.

Power Packs

Power packs are not only for smartphones and tablets, but they are also essential for GoPro action cameras. These devices are important when travelling since a GoPro action camera has finite battery life. So if you are outdoors and away from a power outlet, a power pack will get the job done.

Chest Mount Harness

This accessory is essential when skiing, biking, water rafting, and any other physical activity. With its adjustable design, taking unique angled shots is just a breeze. With that, it’s a great piece of gear that captures every action.

Frequently Asked Questions about GoPro Malaysia

Is GoPro Session discontinued?

Yes, the GoPro Session camera line was discontinued after GoPro revealed its lineup of their Hero7 cameras. The GoPro Session was the first to have a waterproof/shockproof casing built-in, it dropped the user-replaceable battery and it significantly reduced the camera’s footprint.

What is the best GoPro?

GoPros are the ultimate accessory for thrill-seekers and the go-to action shooter. So whether you’re water rafting, skateboarding, mountain biking or swimming with dolphins, these waterproof, durable cameras are designed to capture every second of the action. Check out which GoPro is best for you:

  • GoPro Hero 7 Black. Mount the action camera to your handlebars, crash helmet or surfboard and you can shoot up to 4K in stunning clarity, even in low light. Dial-in 1080p/240fps to harness the camera’s ultra-high frame rate. The digital stabilisation acts like a gimbal, adding unbelievable fluidity to your shots, regardless of whether you’re bouncing down a rock-strewn mountain on your bike or shredding slopes on your snowboard.
  • GoPro Fusion. It’s a 360-degree camera, it’s rugged and waterproof to 5 metres, so it will deal with whatever activity you throw at it. Dual high-quality lenses shoot 5.2K/30fps spherical video (or 18MP stills), with gimbal-less stabilisation ensuring footage is super smooth. There’s no touchscreen on the Fusion (there’s no space due to the dual lenses), but a one-touch shutter button and voice control makes it a breeze to start shooting when things kick-off.

Which GoPro is the easiest to use?

The easiness of use of a GoPro depends on what you need when shooting footage. When choosing a GoPro, consider what you will be using your device for and of course, your budget. The GoPro Hero 8 Black is the most advanced GoPro yet, with features like voice control, simple post-production, and it’s easy to mount. While it is the most advanced, it also comes with a hefty price tag.

Can I charge my GoPro with my phone charger?

You can use a charger that supports 5V 2A outputs. GoPro products usually come with its own charger, but if you have misplaced it, you can use your Samsung charger to juice up your GoPro.

Can I leave my GoPro charging overnight?

You should not leave an electronic device charged overnight as it can lead to reduced capacity and performance of your battery. The same goes with your GoPro; try your best to keep an eye on your camera and charge during the day instead.

How long does GoPro battery last?

Your GoPro can last up to 2 hours when shooting continual footage in 1080p at 60fps. If you record with a higher resolution, your device will last less than 2 hours.