Although there are many things that make a car great, you can’t neglect the importance of choosing the right tyres. Goodyear has proven itself to be one of the leading tyre brands because of the quality products they always produce. Find out more about Goodyear tyres in Malaysia below.

How do I check if my Goodyear tyre is original? | How do I check the manufacturing date of my Goodyear tyre? | Where are Goodyear tyres made? | How much are Goodyear tyres?


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Driving Made Easy with Tyres from Goodyear Malaysia

Ever since its beginnings in 1898 in the United States, Goodyear has been churning out quality tyres that you can always trust. With these premium tyres, your safety on the road is always guaranteed. With a myriad of tyres to choose from, there’s no reason why Goodyear shouldn’t be displayed proudly as the wheels of your car.

How do I check if my Goodyear tyre is original?

Understanding how to read your tyre information is highly beneficial as it can help you maintain its performance. The letters and numbers below are imprinted on your Goodyear tyre. When all this information is printed on your wheel, it means your tyres are original Goodyear tyres.

  • Tyre type - A “P” or no letter signifies a passenger car tyre.
  • Construction - The letter “R” signifies a radial tyre.
  • ECE Approval Mark and Number - Indicates that the tyres adhere to the standards of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.
  • Tyre Pressure Information - Indicate the maximum inflation pressure for your tyre.
  • Tread Wear Indicators - The letters “TWI” show where the tyre’s tread wear indicators are located. The minimum tread depth is usually 1.6mm.
  • Production Date - The date your tyres were manufactured.
  • Aspect Ratio - The ratio of the tyre’s cross-section to its width, shown as a percentage.
  • Wheel Diameter - The diameter or the height of the wheels in inches.
  • Load Index - Load index indicates your tyre’s maximum carrying capacity.
  • Speed Rating - The maximum legal speed for a tyre when inflated correctly. The speed rating is printed on the sidewall and shown through a letter. For instance, rating V means it has a maximum speed of 240km.h.

If you’re still unsure of the originality of your Goodyear tyres or how to maintain them, contact a Goodyear representative in your city or a car workshop near you.

How do I check the manufacturing date of my Goodyear tyre?

The manufacturing date should be imprinted on your Goodyear tyre. Find a four-digit code that signifies the week and the year of manufacturing. For example, 205 means the tyre was made in week 2 of 2005.

Where are Goodyear tyres made?

Goodyear is an American tyre brand but it also has production plants all over the world. Goodyear tyres can be made in Canada, France, Germany, England, Brazil, Colombia, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and more. Rest assured that no matter where your Goodyear tyres were manufactured, the brand always upholds its standards across their manufacturing plants.

How long do Goodyear tyres last?

A Goodyear tyre can last up to five years if you maintain it regularly. The condition of the road you drive on can also affect the longevity of your Goodyear tyres. Driving in the city and on a highway might pose little to no problem for your tyres. However, if you use the wrong kind of tyre to do off-road driving or terrain driving, your tyres will not last as long.

How much are Goodyear tyres?

Goodyear Tyre Price List - Harga Tayar Kereta Goodyear Malaysia

Top Goodyear Tyres



Goodyear Eagle F1



Goodyear Eagle F1 205/50/R16



Goodyear Assurance Duraplus 2-185/60R14 (with Installation)



Goodyear 195/55R15 Assurance TripleMax 2 (Installation)



Goodyear Efficient Grip Performance SUV (with Installation)



Goodyear GT3 175/65R15



Goodyear Eagle Efficient Grip



Goodyear Excellence



Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2



Goodyear Assurance Triplemax 2



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