When it comes to tires, no one does it better than Goodyear. The American company with a huge history of performance brings in world-class tires to Malaysia. Check the best sets of tires with Goodyear Malaysia here.


How do I choose a set of Goodyear tires?

It’s no trick to get Goodyear tires for your car. Choosing tires for your car is just like choosing shoes for your feet. Think of all the elements that make you move safely – grip, stability, speed, and terrain, each of these influence the decision to buy or not to buy a set of tires. Here are some elements to keep in mind when choosing a set of Goodyear tires:

The car that you drive

Many people think that you can fit any sort of wheels on a car as long as they look good. Unfortunately, not all wheels were created equal. Larger capacity cars tend to have bigger, fatter tires for better automotive stability. Look through your car manual or user’s booklet to find out the optimal size for tires.


The terrain you drive your car on also influences your tire choice. If you intend to drive on the road as per usual, then you will look for road tires. If you intend to take your car or SUV off-road, look for tires that have large threads and can take a beating. In extreme cases, run-flat tires work miracles. Goodyear tires such as the Goodyear Wrangler TripleMax or the Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tires make good choices for off-road/semi off-road driving.

Driving style

Ultimately, the biggest factor that should influence your tire choices is the way you drive. When choosing a set of tires, many people will advise you on the various brands and series you can get. But it all boils down to how you drive.

Thinking of building a track car? You will need track tires (fat, tons of grip, low profile). Want to use it for everyday driving? Choose tires that are quiet and prioritize safety in wet and dry conditions. The way the tire absorbs humps and bumps in the road also is a factor when choosing a set.


Those who intend to make an exhibition car that isn’t driven around much usually go for wheels that look good. The best example of this is the JDM Stance scene known particularly in Japan. Thousands of car fanatics gather to show off their lowered, tuned-up cars. Wheels cambered at a ridiculous angle allow you to show off your car to all your fans.

About Goodyear Malaysia

Tires are to cars as legs are to humans. With the right tires fitted to your automobile, the possibilities are endless. A leader in the world of tires, Goodyear. Known as a universal brand of tires for both performance racing as well as daily use, Goodyear has conquered the market of tires better than any other rubber on wheels. For us, Goodyear Malaysia brings in premium tires to our cars and vehicles made for our roads. Whether you intend to race on the track, drift your car or simply for your daily drive, Goodyear Malaysia is the brand that accommodates your needs.

Forged from racing

Any brand that is involved in racing invests a huge deal of technology into its production of everyday products. The same can be said about Goodyear. It’s involvement at every level of performance racing, including rally, Le Mans, F1 Championships, MotoGP, and even drifting events show that the brand takes performance seriously. Research and scientific breakthroughs in automotive propulsion have made Goodyear a brand that is not only trusted but adored by many.

The same technology used to win races is applied into its production of road-going tires. Every tire that Goodyear produces is a product of years of research and engineering. Hence, their road tires feature pioneered technology from performance tuning. Let’s look at some of the biggest Goodyear series and how you can choose them.

Goodyear tires series

Before you choose a set of tires, it’s important to know what your options are. Here are some of Goodyear’s best series available in Malaysia:


Let’s look at some of the factors to think about when buying a set of tires.

Shop for the Best Tires and Other Automotive Products from Goodyear Malaysia

Now that you know more about Goodyear tires in Malaysia, it’s time to get a set of your own. Check out the selection of Goodyear tires above to get the best of tires in Malaysia. You may not know this, but Goodyear also produces shoes and safety boots for both racing and heavy duty use. Now you can work more efficiently and safely with a bigger repertoire of Goodyear products. Happy shopping!