Seeking for a good night sleep? Goodnite Malaysia promises you the perfect bedding solution with their finely crafted products to help you achieve comfort while you are having the most beautiful dream. Read on to know more about Goodnite Malaysia below.


Goodnite Malaysia: Your True Companion For Life

“A good night’s sleep is always the best way to wake up and go to work.” – Chanel Iman

The Journey of Goodnite Malaysia

Founded in 1989, Goodnite is the epitome of utmost comfort and a smooth sleeping experience. Along the way, Goodnite has ventured into different aspects of bedding solutions and today it is known as one of the world’s leading bedding manufacturer.

The dedication and hard work that Goodnite puts into the idea and development of the products reflect the outcome of uncompromised product quality. In addition to that, Goodnight has served many generations faithfully and makes it a promise to serve many more generations to come with all that they have.

With a team of 150 employees and more than 1200 dealers in Malaysia, Goodnite has built a loyal and trusted bond with customers around the nation. Providing them with nothing but the best and superior comfort, Goodnite has definitely earned its name in every home. Goodnite strives to give out their best in order to ensure customers get their well-rested sleep and a healthy start every day.

Goodnite Malaysia Fun Facts

In 2005, Goodnite invented ‘Foam Block’ for the first time in Malaysia.
Goodnite is the first-ever company in Malaysia that organised “International World Sleep Day” in 2012.
In 2013, Goodnite collaborated with a Belgium company and this collaboration led to the invention of StatFree anti-static fabric
Malaysia got its first Vspace Mattress when Goodnite invented it in 2016.
In 2004, Goodnite was awarded “The Golden Europe Award for Quality and Commercial Prestige” in Paris, France.
In 2013, Goodnite was awarded as the first Malaysia mattress manufacturer for the prestigious “The 28th National Award for the Best Trade Name” in Rome, Italy.

    Top 4 Reasons For Goodnite To Be Your Number 1 Choice

    Customer Oriented
    Goodnite makes it a mission to satisfy the customer’s best need and interest. The result is shown in Goodnite’s continuous effort and passion for creating the best products.
    Goodnite confidently pushes every boundary and limit with its persistent optimism and enthusiasm to make constant progress. They take responsibly to further make improvement in every product and detail.
    Genuine Oriented
    To create a product, there might be various options and choices. Goodnite analyses and studies every option to ensure a perfectly coherent and understanding of the products.
    Goodnite innovates every day, and that is why Goodnite is still the leading name in the industry. With various research and developments, Goodnite is definitely here to stay.

    Pamper Your Body With Goodnite Wide Range of Products

    With the latest introduction of StatFree mattress series, Goodnite takes serious efforts to help your body relax and sleep better. These mattresses are woven with carbon threads that help to release the electron and remove body static.

    The result? Well, you don’t need to toss and turn for hours before you fall asleep as StatFree helps you to relax and fall into a deep sleep. You will also wake up feeling fresher and more energised. This technology functions throughout your mattress’s lifespan. It also repels dust promises a cleaner and more hygienic sleep. In addition to StatFree series, you may also choose from other fabric options such as:

    Organic Cotton
    Anti-Bed Bug

      Goodnite also offers a wide array of product that will help you to enjoy your sleep better such as:


        Care For Your Mattress

        Sometimes you might need some time to get used to your new mattress. This is perfectly normal as your body takes some time to adjust to changes. Give yourself 30 days for your body to settle in.
        Rotating your mattress once in a while can help to reduce normal wear.
        Get a box divan or also known as a foundation to ensure better support and longer resiliency.
        Always remember to carry your mattress upright when you have to move it. Do not fold, bend or curl it.
        Once you have purchased your mattress, remove the plastic that wraps it to allow your mattress to breathe. Lean your mattress against the wall to allow complete airflow.
        Keep your mattress dry and clean. You also need to vacuum it yearly, use a mattress protector and properly fitted sheets.
        Do not throw away your warranty card as it can be useful in the future if you need a warranty claim from your manufacturer.

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