G-Max is a homegrown smartphone brand of Malaysia that joined the smartphone competition in the country since April of 2010. G-Max Communication Sdn Bhd has seen an exponential growth in the Malaysian smartphone market which continuously provides the demands of its over 1500 clientele in the country, both dealers, and retailers.


Go-Max Malaysia: The Promising Smartphone Brand of Malaysia

Being one of the most successful smartphone brands from Malaysia, G-Max has become dedicated to creating mobile devices that are equipped with up to date technology without the premium price tag. Their broad range of digital devices is made for everyone from all walks of life. With a philosophy that is driven towards more for less, users are guaranteed to get the best out of every smartphone from Go-Max without having to spend a fortune.

Why Go-Max Malaysia?

Go-Max is a homegrown brand of smartphone that continues to exhibit the excellence of Malaysian smartphones, giving the smartphone industry the country’s own flavor. Aside from that Malaysian pride that Go-Max come with, here are other reasons why you’d love their mobile phones.

  • Go-Max smartphones are affordable. You don’t need to spend more than your payroll to enjoy a smartphone that carries all the awesome features of a flagship device of today.
  • Their phones are equipped with all up to date hardware and software features that you could ask for. Pixel rich camera, fast chipset, huge and expandable storage, crystal clear display, wide screen, etc., each smartphone is served with a generous amount of feature that will surely give users more than their money’s worth.
  • Aside from outstanding smartphones, they also have basic mobile phones that are made for efficient communication use.

Go-Max Smartphones

Since 2010, Go-Max has been keeping up with the latest technological upgrades in the smartphone market. In turn, since their debut in this industry, they managed to release a number outstanding smartphones that are worth comparing with leading international smartphone brands.

Swift M1 4G LTE

The Swift M1 from Go-Max is one of their most powerful and innovative smartphones that they have in their line-up. It comes with a flagship-grade set of features from the camera, processor, screen, and interface.

  • First off, it carries a Quad-core 1.3GHz MTK processor, complemented by a 1GB RAM for a smooth and seamless smartphone experience.
  • It’s armed with an 8 Megapixel shooter with autofocus and LED flash. While its front camera sports a hefty 5 Megapixel sensor with autofocus and faces
  • Security is tight with this phone as it integrates a touch ID (fingerprint) sensor into its specification. Giving your phone’s security and extra layer that’s highly personalized to its user’s identity.
  • The Swift M1 4G LTE offers an enjoyable connectivity experience with its 4G/LTE connection.

Infinite Sleek

Living up to the name that it carries – sleek. This smartphone from Go-Max is all about style and performance. The Infinite Sleek exhibits the amalgamation of form and function is a compact device.

  • 5” IPS Display that sports an HD quality. You’ll enjoy your video and photo media in its full glory.
  • Impress your peers with its ultra slim design. Its 8.3mm body is a trend setter and is sleek enough to make heads turn.
  • Its primary camera is packed with a 5 Megapixel sensor which produces photos that are Instagram-worthy.
  • Dual core chipset for a fast and seamless user experience.

Infinite GV1

Compact but big – the perfect way to describe this smartphone.

  • The GV1 is a 5.5” QHD display smartphone that’s compact enough to easily slip into your pocket, thanks to its thin body.
  • Despite being thin enough to qualify as compact, it boasts a wide enough screen to display all your phone’s visual content in all of its glory on its 960x540 pixel screen.
  • MediaTek Quad-core for an outstanding smartphone performance and 1GB RAM for a hiccup-free multitasking experience.

Go-Max Feature Phones

Despite the popularity of smartphones today, there are still people who choose to stick with the basics because they’re less complicated and are straightforward. That is why Go-Max still makes basic phones, to cater to this audience who need simple call and text devices. Some of their outstand basic phones are the following:


A basic smartphone that features dual active standby sim functionality, 1.77-inch screen, torch light, Bluetooth, and 800mAh battery. It sports a basic bar phone design that upholds durability that will last.

GoMax Mini 4

A more stylish take on bar phones. It sports a classy yet compact design, carrying all the basics like the A99, but with a back camera as a bonus.

Smartphones that are practical is what Go-Max has in store for its users; this is the recipe for this homegrown smartphone brand of Malaysia’s success. Innovative does not necessarily equate to expensive. Let Go-Max prove that to you.