Gold jewelry is a timeless gift for various life events such as wedding, marriage anniversary, baby birth, and other occasions. Not only is it wearable but it is also valuable in giving you high return value for many years to come. From pure gold, rose gold to yellow gold, you can find it all in various forms here! Check out our selection of jewelry below.

Is 22K gold the same as 916 gold? | What's the difference between 916 and 999 gold? | Where can I purchase 916 gold jewellery in Malaysia?


All You Need to Know About 916 Gold in Malaysia

Is 22K gold the same as 916 gold?

916 gold refers to 22-carat gold. 916 is basically used to denote the purity of gold in the final product, i.e. 91.6 grams of pure gold in 100-gram alloy, meaning that the gold is 91.6% pure. The figure 916 basically means 22/24 (22 carats by 24 carats).

What's the difference between 916 and 999 gold?

916 gold is generally used in local jewellery making as it has about 91.66% of gold content. The remaining percentage, 8.34%, goes to other metals such as copper, zinc, nickel, silver and other metals. The combination of metals increases the 916 gold durability and toughness. Although this can be used to make plain gold jewellery, it isn’t preferred for diamonds and heavily studded jewellery such as earrings. This is because it may not be able to hold the weight of precious stone(s) like a diamond for example.

The 24K or 999 gold refers to the purest gold in a natural form that is categorised by a distinctive bright yellow colour. Since it is 99.9% pure gold, that makes it naturally more expensive. There are no other impurities of other metals which makes the gold soft and pliable. This is why 24K/999 gold is not recommended in jewellery making because it may lose its intended shape during the process. Therefore, it is usually available in the form of gold bar, wafer and coins.

Does 916 gold fade?

As with all other gold types, 916 gold tarnishes. But purer gold like 916 gold tarnishes less. Tarnish occurs when gold and other precious metals come in contact with air, sweat, lotions, perfumes, food, and harsh cleaning products.

Can you wear 916 gold in the shower?

Wearing solid gold jewellery - whether it be white gold, yellow gold or rose gold, in the shower will not harm the metal itself. However, it can reduce the shine therefore it is not recommended. It is advised that the gold jewelry be taken off before prolonged exposure to water, including in the swimming pool or jacuzzi.

Showering with gold plated jewellery can eventually cause the gold layer to wear off completely, so you should definitely refrain from doing so.

How can you test gold at home without acid?

A simple item is only required for this test, and it can be found from your pantry, the answer is vinegar! Simply take a few drops of vinegar and drop them onto your gold jewellery. If the drops alter the colour of the metal, then it's not real gold. If your item is real gold, the drops will not change the colour of the item.

Where can I purchase 916 gold jewellery in Malaysia?

Jewellery stores such as SK Jewellery, Poh Kong and Tomei offer a wide range of gold jewellery in the form of bangles, bracelets, charms, pendant, anklets, and earrings. Some of them are adorned with gemstones like diamond or pearl.

There's also the white gold range of jewellery including 750 (18K) and 375 (9K). Gold jewellery such as bangles, charms and pendant are popular gifts for kids & baby, wedding, marriage anniversary and corporate anniversary.

Does 916 gold have a high resale value?

Although not as high as 24K/999 gold, 916 gold has a great resale value in years to come. That said, many people tend to invest in 24K gold due to its purity and higher returns when being sold. A general rule of thumb when it comes to investing in gold is: the lower the carat grading, the lower the quality of the gold and therefore comes with a much lower resale value than 24K gold.

If you would like to sell your gold pieces, you may check with your local gold merchant for their latest buy-in value.