More than 75 years ago, Godiva started from home in Brussels as a small praline company owned by the Draps family. Chocolaterie Draps was known as the company until Joseph Draps had agreed to make a more unique chocolate and to set up a chocolate store. One of the first Godiva stores remains in the magnificent and iconic Brussels Grand Place. ​

Is Godiva owned by Hershey? | Is Godiva worth the money? | Is Godiva better than Lindt?


Godiva Malaysia - Legendary and Luxurious Chocolate

Is Godiva owned by Hershey?

Godiva is not owned by Hershey's. Godiva Chocolatier was founded in 1926 when Pierre Draps began to make chocolate for sale to local stores in Brussels, Belgium. At the age of 14 and shortly after World War II he took care of his son Joseph started work for the family. When he wanted to open his store, he looked for a distinctive name and looked for inspiration for his wife. After the iconic contest that had opposed high taxes, she proposed Godiva to drive naked through Coventry, British Cities, and Draps to the new project. Over the years, the business has been growing and expanding. Over 270 retail outlets and over 2000 wholesale doors are currently open. Godiva chocolate also has opened its store in Malaysia.

Is Godiva chocolate worth the money?

Candies and other finely processed chocolate from Belgium, such as those from Godiva, are produced in a single bite so a person gets "a cocktail of all tastes." It's not always easy to make this great aroma cocktail into one slice of chocolate. It isn't perfect in a day, and it also takes about 18 months to develop a new collection of Godiva chocolate. Muret and other Godiva chefs may be working to create up to thirty new flavours in a year, and inevitably, some flavours are harder to get right than others. That is why it was a bit pricey but it was worth every penny.

Is Godiva better than Lindt in Malaysia?

Which one is better depends on personal preference? But if we compare the quality, Godiva leads the way this is because Lindt tends to use low-quality ingredients to make their chocolate to market it as a mass premium market product. As we all know Godiva is known for its premium ingredient that makes them like a bar of premium chocolate. You can try both of the chocolate brands, Godiva and Lindt to compare it by yourself and you can get both of the chocolate brands on iPrice's website.