Armed with over 70 years of experience, Givenchy has proved to be one of the sought after, luxury trendsetters in the fashion industry. Known mainly for their iconic handbag, they are the perfect definition of style with substance. Not only that, you can also find enticing, seductive and irresistible fragrances from Givenchy that would surely captivate the people around you. Read more about Givenchy in Malaysia here below to find out.


How to Select the Right Fragrance that matches Your Personality with Givenchy

Since time, fragrance has been the part of the universal language that transcends oceans and continents. With a rich variety of fragrances, the perfumes do make the world go around. Boasting tons of different unique scents, Givenchy proves itself as the master of fragrance. The Givenchy perfume line has been one of the best perfumes you can find in the market. While it can be overwhelming to get the ideal fragrance that matches your personality, you do not have to worry because you are going to get a little help to sort things out. Here is a simple guide to select the right fragrance for your needs.

Know Each Scent

There are thousands of different perfumes and fragrances on the market today and the list is growing rapidly. It can be a lot of information for a fragrance novice to take. There are about ten main categories of fragrance but if you start with the basics: floral, oriental, wood and citrus. Getting familiar with these give you a good foundation before you start adding notes like fruit, powder and grass to your perfumes.


Talking about floral, you will think aboutrose, lilies, fresh cut flowers and lovely shops that sell potpourri and sweet smelling hand cream. Floral scents are very feminine and quite sweet. If you love the smell of flower shops and rosewater, the Givenchy Organza is an elegant white floral fragrance which is composed ofintoxicating notes of opulent white flowers: gardenia, tuberose and jasmine. It is highly recommended for people who enjoy gentle and demure mood.


Citrus fragrances are clean, youthful and summery that can transform your mood dramatically. When you smell the citrus fragrance, you will immediately think of big green salads with lime dressing, icy cocktails with lemon slices, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Since citrus is associated with vibrant and active energy, the same can be said for the citrus fragrances as well.TheGivenchyAmarigedelivers the fresh citrus fragrance that teases you. It is the right kind of citrus fragrance for the zesty ladies out there.


Generally, you will find oriental fragrances that come with incense, amber, andvanilla as their main notes.The oriental fragrances are associated withmystery, exoticism and sensuality.However, notes such as musk, cloves, and nutmegs can be too strong for certain individuals.Thesenotes are often intense because they are spicy and warm. Despite this, you can still opt for more softer but alluring scent in a form of orchid, jasmine, and orange flower notes. If you enjoy the gourmand subcategory of oriental perfumes, you will be delighted to enjoyluscious caramel, bitter dark chocolate and aromatic coffee found in them.

As the oriental fragrances are arousing, they make evening fragrances. Sexy and seductive, the oriental fragrances welcome you to the world of mystery and sensations. At the same time, the oriental fragrances can be can be seductive a well.The oriental fragrances are favored because they are vibrant and vivacious scents that bring a distinct energy.


When you compare wood to oriental, you will find wood and oriental scents can be similar. However, the woodscentis actually deeper and heavier than the oriental scent. Smell like nature and hard work, the woodfragrancesoffer you the adventurous vibe. Whether it is the scent of the jungle or the forest, the wood can be very mesmerizing.

From cedar tables and leather couches to the wood fires and tobacco, the world of wood fragrances is rich with different scents. Moreover, they present various scents that can satisfy every taste; the wood fragrance can range between mysterious and earthy scent. As some wood fragrances only utilize certain rare wood resources, they can be exotic as well.

Trust Your Instincts

After going through each different scent type, you can choose the one that suits you the most. Once you have decided, now is the time to start exploring fragrances in your specific scent category. Needless to say, you will find that you are naturally drawn towards perfumes from your desired scent family. If you enjoy the summery and youthful citrus scent, it is normal that you will not like wood fragrances in their dark and gothic-looking perfume bottles. Another example is that floral scent lovers will not be drawn to oriental fragrances. Basically, you must learnto trust and honor your instincts because they are valuable friends that point out the scent you love subconsciously. It is also exciting to trust your eyes and nose and see where they take you.

Try Out the Samples

Fromdepartmentalstores to shopping malls, you will be delighted to find lots of perfume stores that are more than happy to offer you fresh samples. All you have to do is to try each given sample and keep the ones that appeal to you. From there, you can decide the scents you will love to get. While it is good that you have decided, you should also try to wear your preferred fragrance for a certain period of time. After all, it is the best to spend at least an entire week of trying a certain fragrance before paying to get a full perfume bottle.

Be Daring & Adventurous

There are moments that call you to be daring and adventurous because some of the most popular scents in the market are the result of different scents mixed together. Most people do not expect that rose and oriental notes can blend perfectly. You will be surprised at what you haveconcocted. Nevertheless, it is always a pleasant surprise when you can have a newfound appreciation of certain scents you are not accustomed to.