Keeping a journal is more than just writing a book. It involves recording your life accounts and jotting your thoughts, recalling the ups and downs that you have faced. Having a journal brings many benefits that one might not be aware of. Read more about the benefits of keeping a journal below.


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Four Reasons Why You Should Keep a Journal

Constantly writing in your journal has more benefits than one can imagine. Journals primarily serve two purposes: a permanent record for future generations to read, and as a form of release for the people writing them. What you write in your journal need not be impactful and life-changing experiences; even the simplest accounts like trying out a new dish or coincidentally meeting up with an old friend at the bus stop can be recorded. Keeping a journal can bring many physical, psychological, and emotional benefits. Here are some reasons why you should start writing a journal if you have not.

Journals Serve as An Everlasting Companion

Do you sometimes feel like you have no one to talk to, that you cannot find somebody who has the time to sit down and listen to your thoughts? Your journal has the potential to be a therapist and a loyal companion who you can vent to without judging or interrupting you. Best of all, it is there for you 24 hours a day! You can jot down your thoughts freely, even those that you usually do not dare to verbalise to others.

Journals Help You Keep Track of Your Personal Growth

Another benefit of keeping a journal is that you can read what you have previously written at a later time. Being able to recall what you have written before can help you track your behavioural patterns and understand your responses to certain situations. You are also able to take note of your past mistakes so that you do not commit them again in the future. Having a physical record of all these experiences will help you grow personally and professionally.

Journals Serve as Effective Stress Relievers

You might be facing difficult situations such as quarter-life crises, a bad breakup, or arguments with your parents, that might cause you to feel stressed and unhappy. If these toxic feelings are not handled properly, you can easily find yourself entering a depressive state or having a suicidal mindset. Writing everything in your journal helps to get rid of any negativity that you are feeling, at the same time allowing you to clear your mind to plan on what to do next. Your journal serves as a healthier way of relieving stress as compared to unhealthy methods such as relying on alcohol or binge-eating.

Journal-Writing Improves Mental Clarity

Living a hectic lifestyle means that there is so much going on in our heads all the time. Journal writing serves as an effective way to clear mental clutter. Writing down your problems transfers them from your head to your journal, allowing you to empty your mind and giving you a clearer picture of the setback you are facing. This helps you to become better at focusing and prioritising your tasks, a vital skill to manage your life more effectively. With all these reasons, a journal is the best stationery you could ever give as a gift to a loved one.