Are you looking for a pair of shades that would elevate your style to a whole new level? Then you are on the right page. Gentle Monster is the brand that creates futuristic and modern sunglasses for every different face shapes and designs. Read on more about this brand here.

Gentle Monster Eyecare Products

Gentle Monster – The monster created to protect your eye

Sunglasses were first created for the sole purpose of making life more comfortable when you are outdoors, while protecting your eye from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays (UV). It is because long term exposure to UV rays can be extremely harmful as it can damage the eye’s surface and its internal structures. But that was so yesterday. Today, sunglasses or not merely to protect your eye but it is also seen as a fashion statement. Especially one from Gentle Monster. With designs that astonishes the world, this Korean brand continues to uphold the Korean wave wherever they go.

Gentle Monster – The fame that came from a drama

If you're into K-pop or Korean dramas, you have probably seen the edgy sunglasses quickly becoming the newest fad. After all, many stars don them. Produced by the local company Gentle Monster, the sunglasses are the talk of the town.

But if you haven't seen them, they are the same sunglasses that Korean actress Jun Ji-hyun wore in the popular drama "My Love From the Star. “ As the biggest Korean drama in the first half of 2014, Jun portrayed a top actress wearing the trendy shades, giving the company much exposure.

With just 5 years of experience, Gentle Monster has established its name in the fashion/sunglass sector. In doing so, the company is living up to its motto of "shocking the world," said Kim Han-kook, the founder and CEO who was in the education business and majored in journalism before starting his company.

According to him, it was just out of pure luck that his company succeeded against the background where Korean fashion industries find it hard to survive and thrive. They were prepared design-wise but it was the coincidental timing that actress, Jun Ji-hyun chose their item to wear for her ground breaking drama. Not one, but she choose 7 from Gentle Monster.

This actress is known to personally select handbags and sunglasses she wears in dramas. As the K-drama went viral in Asia, the Gentle Monster sunglasses also went along with that same tide and became popular in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Singapore.

Gentle Monster – The ‘It” shades every celebrity is wearing

If you haven’t heard about the new brand that hails all the way from Korea, Gentle Monster, then you are not the only one. But thanks to the Hollywood trendsetters, we are able to see celebrities walking down the Hollywood streets sporting out these chic sunnies. From Jessica Alba to Miranda Kerr, see which styles are celeb-tested and iprice approved.

  • Miranda Kerr- Gentle Monster Boy Out B4 Sunglasses
  • Hilary Duff – Gentle Monster Roman Holiday 032 Sunglasses
  • Emma Rossum – Gentle Monster W Mirror Sunglasses
  • Jessica Alba – Gentle Monster Roman Holiday S3 Sunglasses
  • Jennifer Garner – Gentle Monster Didi O H3 Sunglasses
  • Ashley Benson – Gentle Monster Bloody Heart 01 Sunglasses
  • Kourtney Kardashian – Gentle Monster Boy Out S3 Sunglasses

Gentle Monster – Taking minimalism to a whole new level

If you ever get to step into Gentle Monster’s flagship store in New York, then you would totally understand the meaning of minimalism. Your first question will be – for a store that is selling glasses, where are all the sunglasses? Its minimalist entryway consists of little more than a concierge and the poured concrete floors inlaid with wooden slabs that run throughout the 500-square foot space.

You're getting a taste of "Korean hospitality" by coming into a peaceful area where a staff member can personally greet and walk you through the collections. "The intention is that we wanted to have a customer service desk when the customer comes in. They're like, 'Why is it so empty?' But you're seeing a different phase of the store." - Taye Yun, US Vice President of Communications

You're going to want to get to the glasses quickly, which are housed in the store's main room. And it is literally housed: Rafael de Cárdenasof Architecture at Large designed a hut-like wooden structure to enclose where you'll find all the frames, each sitting in their own backlit cube like works of art. The long space is transversed by a hollow countertop holding black stones similar to what one might find in a zen garden, and customers can switch sides via a mirrored throughway embedded with videos.

The design reflects how Gentle Monster is "embracing the space and the culture of the neighborhood," according to Yun."New York is a statement for us," and the brand wanted to introduce itself to Soho with an understated version of its signature retail style.

Gentle Monster – Allowing you to stand out from the crowd

If you feel like standing out with your eyewear, there are few better ways to go about it than with some Gentle Monster frames. South Korean brand Gentle Monster specialise in the eye-catching and extreme. They have eyewear to suit a whole variety of face shapes – if you’re like most Asians and have a small nose-bridge and a wide face, Gentle Monster is a godsend of a brand. They make frames in bright and bold colours for those who relish the spotlight, but also some gorgeous pared-back styles for the more reserved among us.

They are a designer brand that constantly develops itself under a philosophy of “high-end experimentation.” They pride themselves at being on the cutting edge of eyewear design, and they make frames that are sure to garner you with many a compliment. They are classy frames that don’t feel prim, and with one from this brand, you’ll definitely be rocking a unique style.

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