If you know who Ayrton Senna is, then you are familiar with his time as one of the ambassadors for Geneva timepieces. Geneva timepieces exude elegance as well as style--so you can never go wrong with owning one. Browse for yours below or click here to read about what Geneva Watches are all about.


Geneva Watches Malaysia: Time for A Little More Style and Sophistication

Geneva Watches Malaysia: Keep Time Under Your Watch

What more can we say about watches other than that we absolutely love them? And for that fact that this is being written here, the watches from Geneva caught our eye like love at first sight. We love how each of the watches vary in color and in design so that each of them is unique and original. The ones with the wiggly lines on the face of the watch completely won our hearts and at this rate of actually writing about them, you would figure us out as avid fanboy/girls. Well, as a matter of fact, we are!

Geneva Watches are simple enough to be worn on a daily basis whilst being just unique and sophisticated enough to be worn during big events. Fitting for both men and women who would dare to stand out from the crowd, Geneva Watches look exceptionally eye-catching with their vivid color design and shiny and stylish straps.

We are going to go through a few of our favorite Geneva Watches in the next section, so flex those neck muscles and do not hold in your breath because it is going to be pretty exciting.

Our Favorite Geneva Watches and Why!

The first on our list is Geneva's Multicolor Stainless Steel Strap Watch for Women.

As we mention before, most of Geneva's watches are for the daring and for the unique. This particular watch would have heads turn at every party and around every corner. Sporting beautiful flower patterns across a shady green ceramic strap, this particular watch could be your next favorite fashion item. Its core movement is one of Japan's Quartz and the dials sport glass material so you would get that shiny and reflective feature every time you're the spotlight.

The second entry onto our list is Geneva's Blue Leather Strap Watch for Women.

Remember when we mentioned how much we love Geneva's wiggly design of the watch face? Well, this watch here is the one that we were referring to. Boasting bright blue on the strap and the inner "wiggle" of the design, this watch is literally made for those who are unique and want to be different. The gold lining of the case gives it an essence of class and sophistication so you could pull this off with almost any outfit.

The third of our favorites is Geneva's Blue Stainless Steel Strap Watch for Men.

We just simply love this entry! A gold watch with a blue line running the middle of the strap and coloring the face of the watch is so attractive and elegant. For a man to wear this on a date, tbe girl would truly appreciate his taste in watches for it oozes style and sophistication. With an alloy case that is waterproof, you can simply wear this all day long. We don't even need to mention the date feature of this analog watch because once you see it for yourself, you'd fall in love with it as hard as we did.

The fourth and final entry to our list is Geneva's Flora Cloth Band Quartz Wrist Watch for Women.

The name of this watch should say all that is should. A cloth-band wristwatch should be in every woman's drawer or even more so, on every woman's wrist. The feminine look that it gives out should be enough reason to buy this if not for its gold finishing of the casing and and dials. We absolutely recommend this one for every woman out there. No more of the uncomfortable feeling of metal, rubber, or leather straps. Say "Hello" to cloth-banded wristwatches!

It's Really Time to Get Your Hands (or Wrists) on a Geneva Watch

We really wouldn't want to waste any more of your time! Grab your mouse and scroll back up to the listing and get yourself a Geneva watch today! We're not kidding!