Dress you and your family in matching traditional wear to celebrate joyous occasions together. With Gene Martino Malaysia, you can not only be united as a family but also look good while doing so. So, when you want to express your love for one another or if you are planning to take your next family portrait, don't forget to dress in Gene Martino for a unified look bringing loved ones together. To find out more about Gene Martino online, read the article below.


Buy Gene Martino Malaysia Baju Kurung And Baju Melayu online

A wise man once said, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you as you are to them”. Your family is the people that you can count on who will always be there to cry with you through your saddest moments and jump for joy with you during your happiest moments and no matter when or where you are, you know that your family will always be there for you. Gene Martino is one brand that revolves around the concept of family and their wide collection of sophisticated designed apparels that are gorgeous allows no family member to be left behind or forgotten.

About Gene Martino Malaysia

The first thing that pops in your mind when Gene Martino is mentioned is family. This is one brand that started out of love for family and appreciation of its values. “Gene” reflects the hereditary traits that are passed down from generation to generation while “Martino” is all about strong personality. When combined together, these traits give the brand a strong personality of values that can be passed down unto their future generation. Gene Martino offers an endless line of Malay family clothing that lives up their principles, offering a product that can bind a family together and keep its values preserved.

The Gene Martino brand currently has more than 70 outlets operating nationwide to cater to reach every Malay family. The brand also aims to open its collections to the non-Malay community to further the expansion of the brand's presence and influence. We believe that fashion and clothing lines like Gene Martino exist out of the love we have for our families and the deep appreciation of everything in them. The name of the brand itself signifies the passing to the next generations and strong personalities. The brand believes that in order to keep the integrity and value of the brand itself, it must release products that will keep families connected and its values preserved.

Gene Martino Kids Apparel

Oftentimes, brands would not include traditional clothing for our little ones. The great thing about Gene Martino is that the brand focuses on providing beautiful baju kurung and baju melayu for the whole family, children included. If you’re planning to have your whole family match during Raya, check out the traditional outfits from Gene Martino.

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Gene Martino Malaysia Prices

A name that is no stranger to the fashion industry in Malaysia, Gene Martino is a brand that continues to amaze with their simplistic designs that are sophisticated and elegant. With the family as their target audience, the price of each Gene Martino apparels differs accordingly.