ge kTeches Tmc-D6000 Single-circuit Dual-circuit LED Digital Thermostat Temperature Controller Heating Cooling Control Switch with 2 Sensor Probes Description: This professional temperature controller features single output through the simple set of temperature difference between the 2 probes, to control the temperature and the LED display shows current temperature and setting temperature. This thermostat is very easy to set up and adjust, switch to heating or cooling mode freely. It's very accurate in keeping the temperature at the desired level. It's suitable for freezer, conditioner, greenhouse, dog house, incubators, etc. Features: Display the current temperature and the setting temperature at the same time. Wide temperature measuring range -40~110 resolution: 0.1. 4 buttons for easy operation to control temperature intelligently. Equipped with concealed wiring lead slots with wall-mounted shell design, easy to install & energy saving, safe and easy to use. Heating & refrigeration modes, you can set the start/stop temperature freely. With large and clear LED dual display for better readability. Support brown-out storage(Set parameters is still valid after short circuit). Also with temperature calibration and delay protection function. Suitable for a wide range of applications, such as pets raising, farming, fish tank, agriculture, floor heating, greenhouse, etc. Application: 1. Raising Pets - Fish tank, aquarium, reptilian snake turtle box, etc. 2. Farming - Incubation and brood, temperature control in incubator box, ventilation and heat dissipation, temperature detection and warning etc. 3. Agriculture - Strain cu RM 152.64

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