Recommended by healthcare professionals, Gaviscon is a name found in many medicine kits and cabinets around the globe. Relieve your pains from indigestion and heartburn with the brand's excellent selection of medication for men, women, and children of all ages. Read more about how Gaviscon can relieve your heartburn below.


What you Need to Know about Heartburn and How to Treat it with Gaviscon

Heartburns and indigestion can be a painful experience that many individuals had to deal with on a regular basis. Regardless of age or gender, any individual can experience heartburn. Thankfully, Gaviscon has created a vast array of medicine that can relieve your indigestion. From tablets, sachets, and liquid, Gaviscon has carefully created formulas that you should always have in your first-aid kit or your medicine cabinet. Below are some great information about heartburn and how Gaviscon can make it all better.

What is Heartburn?

Though it is called a heartburn, the pain is nowhere near concerning the heart but rather, the stomach. It is what happens when stomach acids start backing up all the way to the esophagus, resulting in a burning, uncomfortable, and often painful sensation at the central part of the chest, usually behind the breast bone. Though not fatal, it can be extremely painful if left untreated and can cause a number of other problems if left untreated. The pain can also escalate when lying flat (supine) or lying on your right side which makes it easier for stomach acid to flow into the esophagus because of gravity. For some reason, pregnant women experience heartburn quite often and in great intensity.

Various over-the-counter (OTC) medicines like Gaviscon and home remedies can relieve heartburn. However, if the pain or discomfort is accompanied by shortness of breath, and radiating pain to the neck and arms, go to the doctor immediately. These symptoms might be a bigger medical condition like a heart attack.

What are its Symptoms

So, what exactly are symptoms of heartburn? In the event that you experience all of these symptoms, hurry to your medicine cabinet and pop some over the counter drugs such as Gaviscon to relieve the pain.

  • Sour taste in the mouth caused by traces of stomach acid reaching your taste buds.
  • Dry cough and hoarse sensation (laryngitis) on the throat with accompanying sore throat.
  • Difficulty in swallowing and often regurgitation of foods and liquids accompanied with stomach fluids.
  • Discomfort or pain in the center of the chest.

What Causes Heartburn?

Heartburn is uncomfortable, and often painful condition that a lot of people experience on a regular basis. When experiencing heartburn, your esophagus or the tube that connects your stomach to your mouth has a valve called LES or lower esophagial sphincter that closes after the food enters your stomach. If LES weakens or relaxes at the wrong time, stomach acid that digests and dissolves food could leak on your esophagus which can cause a heartburn.

There are lots of factors that could trigger LES from performing its function. Most people experience heartburn just by eating a specific type of food (usually sour) and certain beverages. An unhealthy lifestyle could also be a root cause of having heartburns on a regular basis.

Heartburns and Pregnancy

For some reason, many pregnant women are susceptible to heartburns and indigestion thanks to a surge of progesterone which causes the muscles (including the LES) to relax, and physical pressure from the baby to the mother's digestive system. Aside from that, pregnant women suffer almost the same symptoms.

Unfortunately, regular over-the-counter drugs are not advised for pregnant women, especially in this crucial life stage. Understanding the pain of heartburns on women, Gaviscon has created a series of OTC medicines for women in this critical life stage. Gaviscon Original, Double Action, and Advanced are all formulated to suit would-be mothers. Unlike other brand names, Gaviscon has carefully formulated their medication to soothe heartburn and indigestion pains without affecting the baby's growth and development.

How Does Gaviscon Treat Heartburns

A simple diet and lifestyle change can help alleviate heartburn, however, medical intervention is needed for instant relief. Fortunately, Gaviscon is here to help alleviate the pain with their double-action tablets that not only relieves heartburn but also indigestion. Gaviscon works by creating a raft or a protective barrier made from sodium alginate present in the formula. From the bottom of the stomach, the raft traps carbon dioxide from your body's natural digestion process, enabling the raft to float. Gaviscon is also formulated with calcium that links together with the sodium alignate to create a stronger barrier. This barrier stops stomach acid from flowing beyond the raft to your esophagus. To put it simply, Gaviscon creates barriers that would prevent acid from entering your esophagus and triggering a heartburn episode.

The next time you experience a heartburn after a night of drinking or overeating, always trust in Gaviscon to relieve your heartburn and indigestion.