Dyeing your hair is a great way to change up your look but going to the salon every time you want to change your hair colour can be a hassle. Garnier is a well-known hair care brand that produces easy-to-use hair colouring products so you can express yourself in whatever hair shade you choose. Learn more about Garnier's hair colors and dyes here.

Which Garnier hair colour product is the best? | Is Garnier's colouring product good for hair?


Garnier Hair Colour - All You Need To Know About This Product

What hair colouring products does Garnier offer?

Garnier is a hair care brand that has a wide range of hair colouring products that are guaranteed to give you satisfying results. The formula for all of Garnier's hair dyes has been tried and tested to be safe for your hair and will provide nourishment as it colors.

Garnier Color Naturals

This product is a hair colouring kit in a box with easy-to-follow instructions so that you can easily use it at home, without the need for professional help. The box includes a developer and the colourant, along with mixing tools and disposable protective gear.

To use the product, you just mix the developer and the colourant with the provided tools and apply it to your hair. The hair colour formula is enriched with three natural oils – olive, almond, and avocado, to nourish the hair as it colors. This results in soft hair that is shiny, silky, and vibrant.

The no-ammonia formula also comes with a superior long-lasting colour lock technology with total grey hair coverage. For Muslim consumers, the product is also Halal-certified and water-permeable.

Garnier Color Naturals Sachet

This product is a hair colouring kit in a sachet pack. This is recommended for those who don't require the extra inclusions on the box variant. The sachet includes a developer and a colourant that you mix yourself in a non-metallic bowl. The formula for the sachet variant is similar to the box variant and also includes the three different types of oil to give you hair that is soft, silky, and vibrant. This product is also Halal-certified and water-permeable.

Which Garnier hair colour product is the best?

Garnier's hair colouring products are highly recommended for their cheap price and effectiveness. The brand has a wide range of hair colour products in various shades, including the shade Natural Black, Dark Brown, and Brown. All of the dyes have great grey hair coverage and can last up to 8 weeks.

Are Garnier's colouring products good for hair?

There's no ammonia in Garnier's hair colouring products and the unique blend of rich oils makes up more than half of the total formula, making Garnier's hair colour safe for all hair types.

Are there any side effects of Garnier's hair colour?

Garnier's hair colouring products are safe to use but it's important to do a skin test for any hair care product before you use it. The skin test is to see whether or not you're allergic to the product. If an allergic reaction develops on the skin during the skin test, wash off all products and discontinue use.