Mother Nature holds the ultimate goodness for ailments and skin conditions, Garden of Eden uses natural herbs, plant extracts and oils to help you with various skincare needs. Look at the wide range of Garden of Eden products below and click here to learn more.


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Drawing inspiration form the biblical influence of the Garden of Eden where all life was created by God lived, Garden of Eden uses Mother Nature’s greatest properties to help users have good skin. Where the power of nature meets the science of skincare, that is Garden of Eden’s brand philosophy.

Garden of Eden — 100% natural treatment

Tracing back to the very beginning of the world’s creation: where mankind relied on Mother Nature’s goodness for answers to ailments and skin conditions using natural herbs, plant extracts and oils. Garden of Eden believes in returning back to the natural botanicals.

Many of modern world skincare products tend to be filled with chemicals which actually do more damage than good to our skin. However, Garden of Eden believes that the answer to all our skin care needs lies within nature. Garden of Eden’s philosophy is to be “The trusted specialist on effective natural remedies for health conscious consumers.”

Garden of Eden combines the power of plants, and uses science to formulate formulas that will penetrate quickly and deeply into the skin for naturally radiant and beautiful skin – minus the chemicals.

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Formulated free from preservatives like parabens, free from animal ingredients, free from artificial fragrance (only contain 100% pure essential oils derived from plants), free from coloring, alcohol, mineral oil / paraffin oil / petrochemicals and animal testing and cruelty free. Garden of Eden is committed to use raw material ingredients that are of the highest standards, subjected to strict GMP manufacturing and quality standards for its manufacturing of products.

Garden of Eden products only use natural plant extracts that are well known to work gently and effectively on your skin. The brand’s 100% natural treatment range of serum products are specially formulated with high concentrations of specially selected plant extracts that work well together to give the best skincare results.

Garden of Eden treatment serums are naturally rich in natural antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins that are naturally moisturizing to give your skin a triple action effect:

Skin protection — to slow down signs of aging
Skin regeneration and repair — to restore skin radiance and youthfulness
Skin hydration — for softer and smoother skin
Garden of Eden offers the following kinds of products to help you have better skin.
Serum — a wide range of serum for specific kind of skin problems like acne/oily skin, dry skin, pigmentation and wrinkles, anti-aging, stretch marks and scars, browse through and look for a suitable serum that will help.
Gel — Rosa T Acne Gel is a gentle and soothing water-based acne gel specially formulated for daytime acne treatment. It also contains chicory root extract and maltose, which help calm the skin, reduce redness and oily skin.
Cleanser — there are two types of cleansers offered, a mild gel type for deep cleansing(removing dirt and impurities on skin without drying it out) and a gentle milk type for mild and soap-free superior cleansing without drying and irritating the skin.

Best Garden of Eden products

Garden of Eden believes in returning back to natural botanicals to answer our skin care needs. Here are a few of the many Garden of Eden products that we think you should try to improve your overall skin condition.

Rosa T Triple Action Acne Serum — help in reducing sebum and oily skin, it is said to help clear pimples and acne and minimizes acne scarring. Upon usage, users will experience less oily skin, reduced whiteheads and blackheads and much smoother skin complexion. Rich in rosehip seed oil, natural vitamin E, tea tree, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride and grape seed oil, this serum is easy to apply. Only 2-3 drops onto acne sots/acne scars or on your T-zone area. Best to apply at night for intensive skincare treatment.
Natur E Scar Serum — for those who have scarring problems. A pure elixir of natural vitamin E, this serum works great in healing scars and burns. With its anti-oxidative property, this serum protects skin cells from free radicals, which are known to impede healing process. It also stimulates collagen production, which helps smoothing out old and new scars, as well as lightening them up. Can also apply on dry cracked skin, the serum can immediately hydrate and soften it.

Caring for your skin is not only because of beauty purposes, as the skin is the largest part of your body. Look for various kind of skincare products available at iprice Malaysia for all your skin problems.