If you’re looking for clothing that is smart and American, look no further than GANT. It single-handedly changed how white formal shirts were made. To find out more about this history-changing brand, click here.


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Gant Malaysia: Be a Part of American History

When you think about a clothing style that is quintessentially American, your mind would not jump straight to shirts and cardigans. Yet, that is what Gant excels in and Gant clothing is very much a part of the history of American fashion.

Gant: Changing the History of Button-downs

The brand originates from New Haven where Bernard Gantmacher, who was very good at making collars, was stitching clothes for other brands. It was his enterprising sons, Marty and Elliot who convinced their talented father to finally start his own brand. And so, Gant Inc. was born, providing the New Haven population with quality button-downs. Demands for Gantmacher’s shirts flowed in so quickly that he could not keep up. Still, he made sure that every shirt he made bore the mark of quality: a tiny embroidered G.

Gant shirts would go on to change that by introducing the ‘locker loop’ at the back of the shirt as well as the button tab. Gant’s contribution to the fashion of shirts was so groundbreaking that some have referred to its founders as the original shirt-makers.

Birth of the Ivy League Look

Marty and Elliot did not convince their father to start a brand simply because the economy was good. They had a clever idea. Near their home base in New Haven was Yale university. Tastes in America have changed tremendously in the wake of the Second World War and this included tastes in fashion. The white button-down shirt was now too staid, too uptight, and no community embodied the restlessness for a new sort of style more than the educated elite of Yale. And so, Marty and Elliot combined their father’s ability to produce top-quality shirts and the Yale students' desire for something new and came up with the Ivy League look.

The Ivy League look shot to immense popularity. It ticked all the boxes: it was conservative enough to appeal to those with traditional values, it had enough colour, pattern, and layers to inject life into menswear without seeming too florid. As its name suggests, the style was heartily embraced by the student population in the top schools of America so that by copying that style, anyone in America could achieve that learned, distinguished look. Gant had once again changed shirt history. “We’re individuals,” Elliot had said. “When you think for yourself you can be tastefully different.”

Even today, people still wear the Ivy League look. Many other brands have adopted the style and it still conveys a sense of sophistication. This is a testament to how much Marty and Elliot Gant succeeded in understanding what Americans wanted back then and what constituted lasting style. The look was so successful it has developed its own niche amongst preppies in Japan. The Gant style has traversed time and geography and still continues to deliver sleek and timeless fashion today.

Gant Sportswear: The Comfortable Constant

Shortly after the success of the Ivy League look, Gant sportswear hit the scene. The line offered t-shirts, trousers and rugby shirts. If ever there was a sign to mark a brand as American, it would be to release a sportswear collection in appreciation of how much the American lifestyle was tied to their love of sports. Unlike the Ivy League look which can go out of season one year and come back the next, Gant t-shirts never go out of style. Since then, the brand has included polo shirts and shorts into the sportswear line.

Gant Malaysia Online: The One-stop Shop for Men’s Shirts

Despite diversifying into womenswear, children’s fashion, luxury accessories for the home, Gant’s bread and butter has always been the men’s button-down shirt. As such, the array of styles in men’s Gant shirts is one of the widest available. Among them are performance shirts, slim fit, regular fit, dress shirts, casual shirts, oxford shirts, twill shirts, broadcloth shirts, solid shirts and patterned shirts. So there is a shirt for every occasion, and thanks to Gant’s mark of quality, you know these shirts are reliable. The brand proudly declares that “whether you’re in control or over your head, our shirts help you look like you know what you’re doing.”

As not all Gant outlets carry this diverse array, it is lucky we have the internet and your favourite Gant shirt is just a click away.

Find the Gant for You

Gant has come a long way since its inception and diversified the fashion it provides. The brand provides three collections for both men and women’s fashion to suit varying activities:

  • Gant provides basic essentials that playing with colours and patterns. This collection goes for the more casual, American Ivy League look that would be suitable for those with an active lifestyle.
  • Gant Diamond G pays homage to the brand’s tradition of making button-down shirts and so, Gant Diamond G clothing usually bears a discreet embroidered G. This collection adopts a more sophisticated and modern look compared to the traditional Gant series, which makes Gant Diamond G perfect for the office as well as dinner with a hot date.
  • Gant Rugger is the most casual out of the three collections, in large part because it is inspired by Gant’s popular range of sportswear. This range is for those who are cool and bold enough to rock relaxed styles.

Too much information? Never fear. A good place to start is by looking at what everyone else already loves from Gant’s existing collection. For men, bestselling items are central pond quilter coat, Breton stripe t-shirt, and the long-sleeved cotton t-shirt. For women, bestselling items include paisley stretch broadcloth shirt, the perfect oxford shirt, and lambswool v-neck sweater.

So if you are looking to impress with a brand that embodies subtle style and has a rich, cultural history to go with it, look no further that Gant. When the clothes you wear have a mark of quality, you can walk anywhere with confidence.