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Xbox Price in Malaysia for December, 2018

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Xbox are video game console that everyone would die to own. They are the medium that you need to play your action packed video games. Here at iprice Malaysia, we offer you Xbox console, accessories as well as video games for amazing prices. Click here for more information.

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Gamesir 4S 2.4GHZ Wireless Bluetooth Gamepad Controller
RM 222.40

GameSir G4s adopts a 32-bit MCU chip, computation capability is up to 48 million times per second, along with Realtek Bluetooth 4.0 technology , G4s features high sensitivity and accuracy in game controlling. LED battery power indicator, vibration intensity adjustment, vibration frequency adjustment. Built-in 800mAh polymer lithium battery lasts for 18 hours in normal conditions. Automatic sleep mode is a power saver. GameSir G4s is compatible with 3 platforms of Android 4.0 or later versions, via three main connections of Bluetooth 4.0/wired/2.4Ghz Wireless connection, working great with Android smart phones, and tablets PC, broad range of native Android games are supported. Top-toughened materials, Built-in bracket Adopt the Ergonomic design, GameSir smartphone gamepad features brief and smooth streamline, it feels firmly, and comfortable to your palm with the texturing in the surface. The layout of the buttons is so humanized as to operate fluently and efficiently. with two adjustable angles (110 degrees & 150 degrees) can be used as an individual mobile holder for 3.5~6-inch smart phones.   High sensibility & accuracy buttons Pressure sensitive D-pad; 360-degree without- dead zone analogue joysticks of high sensibility; unique design of triggers R2/L2   32bit MCU chip with high computing capability Built-in high performance 32-bit MCU chip, with computing capability being up to 48 million times per second, enables the gamepad to be accurate, and responsive. You can control the game intelligently and smoothly with zero delay gaming experience. Support 3 working platforms, 3 connection modes GameSir G4s is compatible with Android Smartphone, Android Tablet,NVIDIA Tablet,Android TV box,Windows PC,Samsung Gear VR,PS3. via three main connections of Bluetooth 4.0/wired/2.4Ghz Wireless connection.  No need driver installation in Windows, button mapping or root.  Requires: Android 4.0 or later ,Windows 7.0 or later Physically designed main buttons with LED Lights. A/B/X/Y and D-pad processed with mirror polishing technology, physically designed buttons, solid and responsive, with a firm action, can be pressed with no efforts. The overall button layout fully conforms to Ergonomics; the distance between the buttons has been designed according to the radius of thumb. A/B/X/Y buttons are blazing with built-in color LED lights. Physically designed buttons with changeable position Floating D-pad makes it easier to discern between the eight compass points. 360-degree analog joysticks ensure the ultra-accuracy. Firm and quick responsive function buttons can be pressed with no efforts. Sensitive triggers allow you perform great in car racing and drifting games. G4 also features changeable position of D-pad. Press Clear+L3 to exchange the position of left joystick and D-pad. Play the games as you like. Strict quality control system. GameSir has strict quality control system both on material application and technological process, every button has been pre-tested by strict pressing of one million times that ensures the life cycle of buttons to be 5 years or more. Power saving, long battery life. If no connection within 1 minute after power on, or no operation within 5 minutes, GameSir G4s will enter sleep mode automatically. Turn on or off A/B/X/Y LEDs by pressing R1+ L1 buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds to save power. Built-in 800 mAh polymer lithium battery, support OV charging,can lasts 10hrs for Max power, 30hrs for Min power, and stand-by time can last 12 months. Auto- fire Turbo with intensity vibration adjustment Select your desired button and Turbo key to take action especially in shooting games. Turbo function enables to have more efficient gaming experience, relieve fatigue of your hands, and extend durability. G4 makes the vibration intensity and vibration frequency adjustment becomes reality. Press Clear + Up/Down button of the D-pad to choose the higher/lower vibration frequency.

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Xbox Malaysia - Experience The Extreme Gaming

Although seen as the first attempt by Microsoft's first foray into gaming consoles, the Xbox brand wasn't actually the first as Microsoft actually tried to make gaming consoles before. As a result, the Xbox brand produced solid gaming consoles that contained tons of amazing features that enriched your gaming experience. A huge success, the Xbox was a Microsoft video game brand that spanned 3 video game consoles, games, streaming services and more.

Xbox Malaysia and its origins

Did you know that the name "Xbox" actually comes from Microsoft's own DirectX API (Application Programming Interfaces)? The original name was the Direct-X Box; more planning would result the DirectX Box name being shortened to "Xbox".

Since the launch of the first Xbox in 2001, Xbox has been making inroads in the world of console gaming through a number of unique and innovate features that has proven to be beneficial to the players. First of all, the Xbox contains a great number of awesome games, and most especially the exclusive game titles that cannot be found in other consoles. These legendary exclusive games include Halo 5: Guardians, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, and Forza Motorsport 6.

Another great reason to choose Xbox series is the amazing backwards compatibility feature. This incredible feature allows the latest Xbox One to play the old Xbox 360 games. As Microsoft continues to release more and more games, you can now enjoy playing these older games from Xbox 360. These iconic games from the past can take advantage of the Xbox One's superior performance and display output.

The other great reason in getting Xbox is that the Xbox boasts media capabilities such as streaming music and movies through the Xbox Live service. You should have fun time in switching between playing your favorite Xbox games and watching your movies within a split second. The Xbox also allows you to utilise the digital library to store your growing number of music and movies.

The Xbox family

Xbox One

The Xbox One was released in 2013 as the third and latest model in the family of Xbox line. Emphasising in what is known as integrated living room media, this means that the Xbox One will be doing more than just a simple gaming console. In other words, the Xbox One is able to work with a number of cool live TV applications and this makes your experience to be totally different as you do not have to switch off the console just to catch your TV show ala obsolete and old way.

Of course, the Xbox also comes with the famous Xbox Kinect Sensor that highlights better motion and voice tracking as well as smoother performance. Another amazing feature is that you can use its built-in capability to record and share your gameplay videos through different mediums, allowing you to show your victorious matches and your brilliant tactics.

Powered by Windows 10, Xbox is really a force to be reckoned with as this simply means that Xbox One will boast faster, smoother and more enjoyable performance. Not only that, if you have a Windows PC, you can now stream all your Xbox One games to any of those computers and that includes even the Surface Tablet.

The Xbox One is really ahead of its time as it comes with the new Microsoft HoloLens that provides augmented reality experience for those that want to be more immersive in their games. In addition, you can also create a screen of any size and place it on any wall in your house to play video games or watch movies. Brace yourself as you will be able to stream Xbox One content to your advanced HoloLens for another amazing experience with your Xbox One.

Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 carried the better and more advanced specifications than its predecessor. It was in this particular model which the Xbox Live service was made more prominent. Featuring the all new Kinect Sensor, the Xbox 360 tracked your voice and movements and applied them in playing Xbox Kinect games that make your interaction to be more fluid and engaging!


This is the original Xbox that changed everything in the world of console gaming as it carried Microsoft's ambition to make a foothold in that world. The Xbox was released in November 2001 and sold over 20 million units during its history. The following year showed that Xbox topped its game by launching the supporting Xbox Live, a subscription based online service that enriched the multiplayer experience.

Grab The Xbox games

Getting the Xbox will reward you with the great games. Here is the list of awesome and legendary game titles that people covet and envy:

  • Alien: Isolation
  • Batman : Arkham Knight
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain
  • Kalimba
  • Far Cry 4
  • Forza Horizon 2
  • Dragon Age : Inquisition
  • The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Titanfall
  • Quantum Break

Have a look at the amazing Xbox game collection for more fun and adventure. You can also check Xbox accessories to enhance your gaming experience. Your journey awaits!