Nintendo is well-known in the gaming world for its awesome games and gaming consoles. Learn more about Nintendo’s gaming products below.

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Top Nintendo Consoles Price List 2020

Top 10 products Price Store
Nintendo Switch RM 799.00 Shopee
Nintendo 3DS RM 455.00 PGMall
Nintendo Wii U RM 1,939.23 Shopee
Nintendo Switch Grey RM 1,699.00 Shopee
Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Neon Red RM 1,319.00 Shopee
Nintendo New 3DS XL Red RM 699.00 GameOn
Nintendo New 3DS XL Black RM 713.44 Amazon
Nintendo New 3DS XL Blue RM 930.00 Shopee
Nintendo New 3DS XL White RM 946.00 Lazada
Nintendo NES Classic Edition RM 489.00 Shopee
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Nintendo Switch

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News about Nintendo Consoles

Gamers, If you haven't a PlayStation 4 yet, Now's the Time

15 August 2017

Heighten your experiences and enrich your in-game adventures with the console’s stunning graphics and seamless performance that makes you feel like you are in the games yourself with the PlayStation 4!

Heighten your experiences and enrich your in-game adventures with the console’s stunning graphics and seamless performance that makes you feel like you are in the games yourself with the PlayStation 4!

Nintendo Gaming Malaysia

About Nintendo

Nintendo is one of the gaming industry's pioneers and has been a household name for all things gaming for many years. Nintendo was founded in 1889 and its first business was the production of homemade playing cards. As the company grew, Nintendo invested in many other different businesses such as love hotels. The slow down in these businesses lead Nintendo to rethink their strategy and return to the entertainment sector by producing toys, and then entering the video gaming industry, becoming one of its pioneers and leading companies.

Nintendo's Current Home Consoles

Nintendo has a large variety of gaming products produced since its first entry into the gaming industry. Their first-generation console ever made was the Color TV-Game that was released in 1977. Nintendo's consoles have a long-standing reputation of being very iconic; in a way that every iteration of its consoles have all become a very large source of nostalgia for a lot of people.

  • Wii: The Nintendo Wii is a gaming console which puts a strong focus into motion-sensing controllers and games. The Wii Remote Control doubles as a motion controller which enabled players to play with motion-sensing games such as Wii Sports, which emulate reality sports such as badminton and tennis. Gaming accessories such as a wrist strap has been made for the controller to secure the remote to the wrist for safety purposes as well. Traditional controller-based games are also present; with a service that enabled playing past games via emulation from older Nintendo systems. Many other different types of controllers have been made for the Wii to work with different types of games.
  • Wii U: The Wii U is the first Nintendo console to feature high-definition graphics. It also has the unique Wii U GamePad with a built-in touchscreen from which players can use as a secondary screen to complement the main game on the primary display or act as a standalone primary display for the game when the TV is unavailable for use. It is also backward compatible with the Nintendo Wii's software and accessories. Internet connectivity has also been given more focus for the Wii U via the Nintendo Network.

Nintendo's Handheld Consoles

Nintendo's ever famous Gameboy line of handheld consoles has been seen at least once in every household. Its many successors and iterations have lead to many different types of improvements over the lifespan of the line. Eventually, the GameBoy line would give way to the Nintendo DS line of handhelds, which would then become the Nintendo 3DS handheld consoles with 3D imaging capabilities.

  • Nintendo 3DS: The Nintendo 3DS portable handheld console features a clamshell design with dual screens. It is also able to produce 3D graphics through the use of a stereoscopic 3D slider on the right side of the top display. It has backward compatibility with previous DS handheld consoles as well.
  • Nintendo 3DS XL: The first hardware revision by Nintendo. Essentially an improved and larger version of the Nintendo 3DS with larger displays and battery life; it serves to complement the original 3DS.

Nintendo – as a gaming company – has always aimed towards a more family-oriented approach towards electronic entertainment. They have provided a long history of family entertainment to everyone. If you are looking for family-oriented gaming, Nintendo is the brand for you.