Despite being relatively young, Gamdias is proud to release its own impressive array of specialized gaming products that can enhance your gaming experience. Read more about Gamdias Malaysia here.

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Gamdias Malaysia - Satisfying The Needs Of Every Gamer

When it comes to gaming performance, it is not enough to react faster by clicking on the mouse or tapping the keys as quickly as possible. While there are many decisive factors that determine the performance of a gamer, one of them still proves to this day: gaming gear. A true gamer employs the proper gaming gear in order to experience the game in its fullest. If you are not using the proper gaming gear, you are actually doing disservice to your game as well as gaming experience itself. Such statement may sound excessive but one will be getting a proper gaming gear in order to immerse into the gaming experience fully.

While most gaming brands offer expensive gaming products, Gamdias stands out because it is one of the few that can offer high quality gaming gear that is also affordable. Not only that, Gamdias also strives to make sure that it is able to satisfy the needs of every gamer who desire a true, dedicated gaming brand that revolves around the gaming communities.

About Gamdias Malaysia - The Lightning Bolt Of Gaming

Gamdias has been founded with the vision of fulfilling the needs and desires of those that are dedicated and serious in gaming. Established as early as 2012, Gamdias began its journey with a team of over 100 people. Led by R.K. Han, this team of passionate gamers were embarking on a mission of setting the high bar for both quality and practicality. Needless to say, Gamdias has been growing exponentially since its inception. In just a short time, Gamdias was able to achieve such a strong following as its gaming products have been recognized by gaming communities around the world. One reason behind its successes is that Gamdias invests heavily in both design and innovation when building its own range of specialized gaming products. Such investment paid off relatively well when its products have been rated as one of the top gaming products around the world. In fact, Gamdias gaming products can be found in more than 30 countries. For a young upstart gaming company, Gamdias can be best described as an unstoppable lightning bolt that lights up the sky.

Gamdias Malaysia - Gaming Art In Motion

In Greek mythology, the lightning bolt has been associated with Zeus, the Greek god of sky and thunder. At the same time, the lightning bolt also symbolizes strength, intellect and bright ideas. According to its founders, Gamdias has been inspired from this lightning bolt of illumination. Not just that, the first three letters, GAM, actually means "Gaming Art In Motion" and this phrase stands for obsession in pursuing the epitome of gaming. As for DIAS, it simply the Latin word for god.

Literally speaking, Gamdias is centered around the works of god. This just simply means that Gamdias is focusing in making each of its products to be unique like a Greek deity. Similarly, each Gamdias gaming product can be likened to the signature weapons that are wielded by legendary Greek personalities. As such, Gamdias empowers you to gain gaming supremacy as you walk boldly and play your games courageously, like the ancient Greek heroes.

Awesome Gamdias Malaysia Products That Change The Way You Play

Gamdias Mice

Gamdias Zeus
Aptly names, the Gamdias Zeus gaming mouse represents the latest innovation and technology in the history of gaming mice. Thanks to its extensive array of awesome features, it is going to meet the demands of the hardcore gamers. Gamdias boasts that Gamdias Zeus is the first of its kind: first gaming mouse with tool-less side panel adjustment. This is being done so that you can experience the concept of maximum on-the-fly ergonomic customization. With its laser sensor that goes up to 8200 DPI, you can enjoy pixel perfect accuracy which means your mouse click definitely hits the right spot on your screen. Its 32-bit ARM microprocessor fuels the Gamdias Zeus to be quicker and smoother in its response time as well as perfecting your customizable options.
Thanks to itstool-less calibration of the finger grip areas, you are able to maximize both comfort and control of this gaming mouse conveniently. Boasting 11 smart keys, 9 of them are programmable keys that enable you to customize the specific functions of Gamdias Zeus accordingly. Once you have established your own personalized gaming setting, you can save up to 6 of them. At the same time, you can plug and play on any computer with one of your 6 gaming profiles through its 512KB onboard memory. More than just gimmick, Gamdias Zeus boasts customizable lighting options to set your gaming mood.

Gamdias Keyboards

Gamdias Hermes Lite
Being compact and elegant at the same time, Gamdias Hermes Lite gaming keyboard is simple tool that does it job so well. With the useful option of disabling window keys, you do not have to worry your accidental taps will bring your game to a halt. Its unique 5 phase lighting effects make this Gamdias Hermes Lite to glow with purpose as it makes your gaming experience to be memorable. Moreover, its WASD–Arrow Keys Exchange Mode is useful as it is a flexible option of transforming the keyboard to suit your gaming styles.
Boosted by the HERA gaming software, you will be able to customize and maximize your gaming performance. Storing up to 6 gaming profiles, Gamdias Hermes Lite allows you to switch to any of your personalized gaming profiles according to your gaming style, mood and temperament.

Gamdias Headsets

Gamdias Hephaestus
If surround sound system sounds so passe, you can look forward to amazing 4D experience that Gamdias Hephaestus headset is going to show you along with other exciting features. Delivering the virtual 7.1ch effect, this Gamdias headset offers powerful resonance that proves to be immersive audio experience. It also carries blast source identifier so that you are able to pinpoint the direction of blast in the game as it sends shock waves to help you identify by your ears.
Thanks to its built-in aluminium heat sink, it provides cooling in order to reach the optimum temperature for your user experience. Not only that, it possesses active noise cancellation microphone that eliminates any unwanted noise signal so that you are able to deliver messages to your teammates. At the same time, you can even bend the microphone arm in any direction according to your own preference. Gamdias Hephaestus headset is designed with ergonomic in mind as its leather headband and ear pads provide the much-needed comfort during long period of gaming adventure.

Gamdias Accessories

Gamdia AGON Gaming Glove
Do we really need to wear glove just for gaming? As for Gamdias, it thinks that you will have good reason in donning its gaming glove as it prevents you from having those sticky moments that are caused by sweating. Designed to fit your hand perfectly, Gamdia AGON Gaming Glove boasts comfortable texture which enables you to play comfortably for a long period of time.
At the same time,optimized wrist pad in it is useful for reducing fatigue as well as preventing your hand from getting numb easily. With Gamdia AGON Gaming Glove, you will experience total freedom and comfort in exercising better control of your gaming mouse. As Gamdias mentioned, if you want to experience the feeling of controlling your own destiny, you can try it with Gamdia AGON Gaming Glove.

Getting The Ultimate Gaming Gear From Gamdias Malaysia

Just as Gamdias products represent the work of gods, so too its products are pleasing in terms of aesthetics and performance at the same time. If you are looking for the latest Gamdias products, take a look at Gamdias gaming products. After all, ordering a Gamdias gaming product is like summoning the legendary weapons of the gods. Hence, Gamdais is not exaggerating when its products simply embody gaming supremacy.